Beginners Luck?

Like One Direction? Read this story then! Its about these 3 girls who randomly meet 'One Direction' and fall in love at first sight. Read to find out more about the story :)


5. Chapter 5: Amusement Park

Leona's POV:

So where do you girls want to go? Niall asked us.
Umm it doesn't matter, Leona adds.

"We should go to the London Amusement Park! Niall says all excited."
Sure! I love rides Lily replys..

We started walking and Niall was walking next to me..
Zayn was walking with Rose.
And Lily was walking with Harry.
And then Liam and Louis on the ends.

I think Liam knows where to go. 

"Do you guys mind if I invite my girlfriend?" says Liam.
"Could I invite mine also?" Louis adds.
"Sure! No problem!" Rose says.
"Do you guys have girlfriends..? " Lily turns to Harry, Zayn, and Niall..
"I don't!" Harry says.
"I don't either.." Niall adds.
"How about you Zayn..?" Rose asks him.
"Umm... Well I did have a girlfriend named Perrie but we just went out for the publicity. We're broken up now.." Zayns adds..
"Fine with me!" Rose replies.

"London Amusement Park!"
Liam's girlfriend meets up with us at the amusement park
And Louis's girlfriend also.
"Hi, I am Danielle!" Liams date says!
"And, I am Eleanor!" Louis's date adds.

"Well I guess we could all just split up and find eachother later on?" Liam says.
Sounds good. Harrys adds.
Harry turns to Lily and asks "Do you want to go on rides with me?"
Lily says blushing "I would love too!"
Lily starts walking away with Harry..
"AWWW" Rose and I say at the same time!
Lily turns around.. and flicks us off.. ;)

Liam and Danielle walk off together.
Louis and Eleanor walk the other way..

So it's left with Niall, Zayn, Rose and I..
Niall turns to me and says "Leona.. Want to go to the food court?" 
I should of saw this coming he was starring at the food court since we walked into the amusement park.. But I reply with "Of course!" 

Rose's POV:

Zayn looks at me all shy.. 
"Well umm.. Could I confess something?"
Oh my gosh what is he going to say?
Go for it! I reply all calm.
"Well I have a fear of heights.. and water... and the dark" Zayn says turning his head slightly to the left.
Why do I find this so attractive? God he is so beautiful.
I reply with "It's okay! I am scared of the dark too.. I don't really like water.. and I love heights but we can work around going on the rides" I said smiling.
Zayn grabs my hand and we start walking around the amusement park. It's about 7:00pm so its getting a bit dark and the amusement park lights come on.. Its so beautiful..
"Why did you guys come to London for vacation?" Zayn asks me.
Well we wanted a break from the states so we decided to come here because it's beautiful!

"You're really beautiful did you know that?" Zayn looks me in the eyes.
My emotions.. ASDFGHJKL; I can literally feel my cheeks turning red and I start blushing hardcore.. Awwwww.. You're so sweet, and you're super handsome I reply
He looks me in the eyes with his beautiful brown eyes and says "You have really beautiful hazel eyes" Aww I start blushing again.. Thank you with a huge smile on my face. And you have beautiful eyes, a perfect smile and amazing hair.. I tell Zayn..

He takes my hand and he sits down the the bench and puts my right on his lap...
asdfghjkl;fskdfjakfnavunekdvnks what do i do why is he so perfect.
He leans in and kisses me on the lips. It lasted for atleast 3 minutes I gently bite his lip in the middle of kissing.. once we pull off.. he replys "OUWEE that was hot.. especially the lip bitting.." "Sorry i am kind of a lip biter.." I reply and add a wink.
then he kisses me on cheek, gets up and puts me on his back and gives me a piggyback ride.
"Oh my gosh you better not drop me!" I say then he puts his hand on my butt.. "ooops" and then he turns and winks at me.. "Hey watch it!" I wink back

Hecarries me to the ice cream shop, then puts me down carefully. "What ice cream flavor is your favorite?" He asks me. "Umm I like cookie dough" I reply. "Thats also my favorite!" He replys. And he says "2 cookie dough ice cream cones please." And gives the money to the lady working there. "Here you go!" she replies. He says "Thank You!" And hands me a cone "Here you go gorgeous." He adds. awwwwwwwwww im speechless. 
-few seconds later- "Thank you cutie, you're the best" I reply.

Leona's POV:

We're at the food court and Niall orders chinese food, It's my favorite.
I took out my wallet and getting ready to take out my money when Niall looks at me with a confused face. "What are you doing? I am paying for this not you. Put your money back." He adds. 
Oh my gosh he is so sweet. Look at those beautiful blue eyes and his amazing hair. ugh why is he so cute.

Once we were done eating, he threw away the food and grabbed my hand and we started walking towards the rollercoasters.

Once we get on the rollercoaster and put our seat belts on, I say "I am kind of scared of high rides.. My heart is beating fast."  he looks me directly in the eye, grabs my hand and says "I wont ever let go of you I promise." and then he slowly moves in and kisses me on the cheek... Then the ride starts moving.. He squeezes my hand. Oh my gosh did he reall just kiss me? He is so perfect Thank you God!

Lily's POV:

Harry and I are walking on towards the "Wild Thing"

"I heard this one is the scariest of them all.. You up for the challenge?" Harry asks.
"You bet i am!" I reply!

We are in the line waiting till it's our turn. He turns to me and grabs both of my hands and says "You're beautiful" Before i could reply to him he.. slowly moves in and...and...kisses me on the lips. I feel my face turning red and blushing.. Once he pulls off.. The worker yells "NEXT" so we move up and take our seats on the wild thing. Harry grabs my hand tight and says "hold on beautiful!" then kisses me on the cheek..  aww he is so adorable, look at those beautiful blue eyes, and that curly hair ughhhhhhhhhhhh. my emotions..

- A few hours later-

The ladys says over the microphone. 

We better find the others! Harry says.
We see Liam, Danielle, Louis, and Eleanor coming towards us. 
"Hey guys! have you seen the others?" Louis says.
"Nope!" I reply

"Wait I see Niall and Leona with Rose and Zayn."
Wow we found eachother quicker than I expected..
Now we're all together.

"Well it's getting late. We should head home girls." Leona says
Danielle kisses Liam goodbye and Eleanor does the same to Louis. Bye boys love you! They both say. 
Rose gives Zayn her phone number, then kisses him and gives him a long hug!
Niall and Leona switch numbers and so do I and Harry. 
Niall kisses Leona and gives her a hug.
Harry does the same to me..

"We should hangout tomorrow.. Give us a call when you girls get up!" Niall says.
"Gotcha!" Leona replies and Leona and I start walking back to our hotel..
Rose is still hugging Zayn... 
"Come on Rose! wrap it up.." Leona yells..
"Hold on!" Rose yells back. 
She kisses Zayn one more time and starts running to catch up to us.

Once we get to the hotel we change and go straight for our beds.
LOOOOOOONG DAY. but an amazing day. never going to forget this day!
Goodnight ladies. I say. 
Wheres Leona? She probably already feel asleep.. Loser.

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