Beginners Luck?

Like One Direction? Read this story then! Its about these 3 girls who randomly meet 'One Direction' and fall in love at first sight. Read to find out more about the story :)


4. Chapter 4: Hello There Gorgeous ;)

Leona's POV:

When I got up, I went to the bathroom
Washed my face and brushed my teeth.

Then I went to go look if anyone else was awake yet. 
I see Lily on the pull out couch watching Spongebob Squarepants..
Typical Lily.. So I sit down next to her and started watching with her..

I hear Rose's door open and she goes straight for the bathroom.
"I think she's going to take a shower" Lily adds.
Probably! I replied.

Once we heard Rose turn off the water, I jumped off the couch and went to the kitchen to start making breakfast.. "What are you cooking!" Lily yells from the couch.
Why don't you get off of your lazy ass and come see..
"Nah too far." Lily replys.. 

Once im done making breakfast I set up the table and start bringing the food..
Lily jumps off of the couch and runs to the table "MHMMMMMM PANCAKES" she adds..
Shut up Lily and thank me for making it..
"THANK YOU BEBO" Lily says
Bebo means baby in Bosnian. Thats the language we all speak..

What do you guys want to do today? Rose asks.

Hmm.. lets look over London, and walk around Lily added with her mouth full of pancakes..

Rose's POV:

I go in my room to straighten my hair, then I throw on my white hollister shorts, and my new ruffle top, this should be a good day. 
Once we're all done getting ready we start heading out the door.
"Wow it's hot outside, thank God i wore shorts.." Leona says.
I agree!
So we start walking around by the outdoor stores..

Woah there.... Look you guys.. 
Who are those beautiful guys..

"They're looking at us.. What do we do?" Lily says all scared.
Be a flirt duh! I add.

Omg i call dibs on the one with the blonde streak omg have my babies. I said joking.
We all start laughing.
BLONDE ONE BLONDE ONE DIBS! Leona is literally yelling..
Ugh look at the curly haired one.. so beautiful Lily adds..

We all stop and make a little circle between us three and pretend like we're laughing and having a good time..

Umm they are walking towards us.. Lily whispers
Stay clam I add..

Hey girls the curly haired one taps me on the shoulder..
Um hello there I reply with a smile.
We couldn't help but to notice you three gorgeous ladies..
We all have a smile on our faces..
Well you guys aren't too bad yourselves Leona replys giving them a wink.

Do you girls want to walk around with us? The one with the striped shirt asked.
Sure! Lily adds! We're on vacation here so we don't know where everything is..
Well we should first introduce ourselfs.. Im Liam! I am 19 years old.
Im Niall! I am also 19 years old. Im Louis (Lou-ee) I am 22 years old.
Im Zayn I am 20 years old. And im the youngest, Im Harry I am 18 years old.

Well hello there boys Im Rosalina but Rose for short, I am 19 years old. I said winking.
I am Leona, also 19 years old. And im Lily i am 18 years old.......



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