Beginners Luck?

Like One Direction? Read this story then! Its about these 3 girls who randomly meet 'One Direction' and fall in love at first sight. Read to find out more about the story :)


3. Chapter 3: London,England.

Lily's POV:

I feel a little bump and i suddenly awaken.
I take out my headphones and look around and out of the plane window.

I see that Leona and Rose are still sleeping. 
Um i think were almost in London..

Once I said that the announcement goes off, *We are almost in London, England*
Then the announcement is over.
I shake Leona and Rose to wake them up..
GUYS! we're almost in LONDON!!!!! I said with excitement.

Rose opens her eyes slowly.. and says "Where am I?" 
On the plane to England silly! I replied back.
Are we almost there? Leona questioned.

YAY i can't wait, hot guys here we come! Rose said jumping out of her seat..
"Would you guys like anything to eat?" the flight attendent asked.
YES! IM STARVING!! Lily jumping up with excitement.
The flight attendent giggling and says alright what do you want?
ANYTHING. I DON'T CARE! Lily shouted..

SHHHHHHHHH! the people yell from behind us..
Im sorry about her.. she's usually always loud, she really can't help it.. Rose said to the people behind us..
Its true though.. I can't deny that I say to myself..

Leona's POV:

I really want to just get to England already!
What if we all left with boyfriends? OH HAHAHH WHO AM I KIDDING..
Oh my gosh am i talking to myself?
Let me stop before I embarrass myself even more.......
I haven't had a boyfriend before, neither has Lily.
But Rose has had a few boyfriends..
All she talks about is hot boys.

WE'RE HERE!! Rose shouts.
We leave the plane with our stuff and head to get our suit cases. 
After we get all of our suitcases, we grab a taxi to our hotel that we rented for 2 weeks.. It was pretty expensive but we all pitched in. 
Once we walk into the hotel.. OMG! this hotel is sooo big! 3 beds, 2 pullout couches
"I CALL THE MASTER BED ROOM!!!!" Rose runs in yelling
UGH SHE BEAT ME TO IT Lily pouts..

"THE KITCHEN!!" I see Lily and Rose running to the menu to order food.. ALREADY. 
Hey im hungry also so why not?

Rose's POV:

Lily, Leona and I are sitting here looking at the menu and trying to findout what we should order..
This hungry look on our faces like we haven't eaten in 2 weeks..

I look over at the clock and its about 10:30pm..
Wow time goes by fast.. 
We'll i guess we can eat and cuddle up and watch some movies after.
What do you guys think? I asked the girls..
Leona and Lily are still starring at the menu..

1 hour later...

We just got done eating.. I think Lily pretty much ordered the whole menu..
Im so fullllllllllll!! I say.
I could still eat Lily replies.. 
"You ate the most! How can you still eat? I would explode.." Leona says to Lily.
I have a fast matabolism Lily replies.

What movie should we watch? I asked 
Ummm i brought Titantic want to watch that? Lily replied.
Ugh i watched this movie so many times! But it will make me fall asleep, so i guess.. Leona said.

At these kind of times I really wish I had a boyfriend to cuddle with.. I said..
YOU HAVE ME! Lily jumps on my couch..
DON'T FORGET ABOUT ME!! Leona also jumps in..

Lets see what the morning brings us.. Goodnight girls!!


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