Beginners Luck?

Like One Direction? Read this story then! Its about these 3 girls who randomly meet 'One Direction' and fall in love at first sight. Read to find out more about the story :)


2. Chapter 2: On The Plane We Go

TODAY IS THE DAY GIRLS!!! Lily jumped up all excited.

I can't wait to meet some hot guys how about you guys ;) Rose nodded.

Rose's POV:

We packed all of our suit cases yesterday, I literally stayed up until 2:30am packing because i have 5 suit cases full of stuff.. 
Lily has 2 suit cases, and Leona has 3.

HURRY UP GIRLS WE CAN'T MISS OUR FLIGHT!!! Leona shouted at 6:30am..
Oh what a drag it was to get out of bed that early...
Im not realy a morning person as you can tell...
We grabbed a snack to eat, then went to go get ready. I decided to just throw on some sweatpants and t shirt, and put my hair up in a bun. Once i left my room, ready to leave to the airport I noticed that Leona and Lily were both wearing sweatpants and a t shirt also... What a coincedence? 
Im pretty sure she was being sarcastic.. cause I look like shit..

We got to the airport and quickly drop off our suit cases, and ran to our plane that we almost missed!! Because of Lily.. She HAD to stop at Mc.Donalds because she was hungry..

Anyways im glad we made it to the plane, and didn't miss our flight!

Now i just sit and relax. Put my headphones in and sleep the rest of the plane ride! 
Lily and Leona did the same as well..

Now we wait until we get to London, England.........




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