Beginners Luck?

Like One Direction? Read this story then! Its about these 3 girls who randomly meet 'One Direction' and fall in love at first sight. Read to find out more about the story :)


1. Chapter 1: Shop Till We Drop!

"Today is a girls day got it?" demanded Rosalina.

Rosalina meaning beautiful,sweet, and lovable.
Lily meaning pure, and simple.
Leona meaning brave, and beautiful.

Rosalina likes to be called "Rose." She says its more simple, and easier. Rose is 19 years old.
Leona is also 19 years old, and Lily is 18 years old.

While the three bestfriends arrived at the outdoor mall in Sacramento, California they began shopping.

"Is that Forever 21!?!" Leona said excitingly.

We literally ran there!
(Okay we really didn't run there we just speed walked..)

Forever 21 is our all time favourite store! They have everything you want and need!

"Look at this cute top!" Rose said. Its pink and it has ruffles! Its the full package added on Rose.
Lily shakes her head and turns around to this blue v-neck, Oh my gosh its perfect! It's plain, and my favourite color blue! I have to get this! demanded Lily. Leona on the other hand found 2 tops one is purple and the other is black. She also found a neon yellow knee length dress. Rose fell in love with a sparkly tight dress. 

Lily's POV:

We left Forever 21, now on our way to Hollister. Rose wanted to go to Hollister to buy shorts..
Rose doesn't know how to save money, she always buys stuff she doesn't need. She literally has a huge walk-in closet full of clothes and shoes. 

Now they're walking out of Hollister. 

Leona's POV:

I really need a new swimsuit could we go to Pacsun? I heard they're having a big sale on swimsuits! said Rose. Lets go! I said. As were walking into the store Rose found her swimsuit right away, she fell in love with this swimsuit! It was a sparkly rhinestone top and a neon pink bottom. She really loves sparkles and the color pink, as you can tell.. I found a black flowery design swimsuit top and bottom. Lily bought a blue ocean themed top and bottom swimsuit. 

As we're leaving Pacsun we heard Lily's stomach growl.. We all laughed and started walking toward the food court. Lily is literally skipping towards the food court yelling "Food Food Food Food."

Wow she's an embarassment whispered Rose, but you gotta love her!

We're now at the food court. "Lily, what do you want to eat?" asked Leona.
"Hmmmmmm, can we have everything?" said Lily. 
We all bursted out laughing. "Chipotle?" Rose said. "Fine with me!" Leona and Lily agreed!

After we ate we walked past Caribou.. "Can we stop at Caribou quick? I could really go for a white chocolate oreo snowdrift." Rose said all excited. Leona got a turtle mocha, and Lily got a white chocolate mocha.

Lily's POV:

Are we done shopping yet? I said. "Of course not said the shopaholic" also known as Rose..
We went to several other stores and got more stuff for our vacation trip coming up soon.
"That was so tiring said Leona." My feet are killing me! I agreed. "Pish posh that was NOTHING." said Rose disagreeing.. I could still go for some more shopping she added. 

Putting our bags in the trunk, and then Rose said "Who wants to drive?" Not me! My feet are sore! Lily said. Same here! Leona agreed.. Fine, i'll drive said Rose.
Driving to our apartment about 10 minutes away from the mall.
I can't wait to go home and sleep! said Rose 
I can't wait to go home and eat Lily said giggling.

We have to pack our suit cases tomorrow we're leaving in 2 days added Leona.


"Goodnight girls! See ya in the morning! Love ya!" Rose said, "I love you guys night! Lily added on. Don't let the bed bugs bite ;) said Leona.

Rose's POV:

UGH! why is my bed so comfortable! I really hope we meet some hot guys in London, England on our vacation! 

"GOOOODMORNING!" Leona screaming into my ear and Lilys!

"7:30 am" Leona added

"7:30! 7fucking 30!? Why would you wake me up this early!? You know im not a morning person! Im going back to bed!! Rose spazzed.

Rose's POV:

ahhhhh i feel good. *Looks at clock* 2:45pm. I have to get up now and start packing my suit cases! We're leaving tomorrow!!! I can't wait! As i walk out of my room, I see Leona and Lily sleeping on the same sofa. I jump on them and yell "GETTTTTTTTT UP!"  We have to start packing! I go to the kitchen and grab cereal, bowl, milk and a spoon. Milk is better in the afternoon anways I added. 16 MORE HOURS!! Lily jumps up.

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