Back Up (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Julie Payne was a normal teenage girl always smiling, until she started getting into problems and loosing her smile. she began pretending everything was okay, when actually nothing was. she did not want anyone to know about this, but as much as she tried to hide, her best friend Danielle and her cousin Liam could clearly see it all. one day she meets a gorgeous guy named harry styles that started making her laugh, and smile again, showing her the hapiness of life and of love. will he help her get back as she was before? you'll find out reading! :)


3. Things getting worse at school, but better at home

JULIE'S P.O.V i didn't sleep this night... i couldn't. all these thoughts about Harry came flushing in my mind and i couldn't stop thinking about him. yes, i was beggining to like him. i didn't choose it, but it happened. i just hoped he felt the same about me. the way he looked at me, the way his eyes get me to just day dream about them, its contagious. i hope he comes by tomorrow with Liam.  i felt my eyes finally closing themselves, i was too tired to think about this now... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DING DONG .... DING DONG i woke up because of this annoying doorbell sound.. wait... was it Liam and Harry already?! i rushed to the door not realizing i had just woken up and looked like shit. i happily opened it with a huge smile on my face , but lost it when i realized it wasn't them... it was just the postman.  " oh.. its you.." i said in disapointment as i walked back to the sofa to watch some television. the guy just stared at me confusingly of what i have just done, hahaha, i dont even know that guy... i started laughing to myself as the guy left something near the door and went out and closed it.  i went back to sleep. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DING DING DING DING DOONG gosh, i cant even sleep here... i got up from bed and pushed my self through the door not wanting to go open the door. i was so lazy , i opened the door with my eyes half opened and not noticing who it was...  "hi sleepyhead!" Harry smiled and hugged me oh shit! i look horrible! he'll never like me this way... " heey! uhm... where's Liam?" i asked in return "uhm, he's coming... wait, he said something about you not being here today, that you had school, dont you?" uh oh. school. i completely forgot! how could i forget school?!  "hahah, i assume you forgot about it huh? go get dressed, i'll take you" Harry told me and lead me to my room i didn't know what to think or what to do, i just got in and changed my clothes and hurried up to the bathroom to get myself pretty. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HARRY'S P.O.V even when she just woke up she looks beautiful, wow, i really do like her now, i'm thinking about doing a surprise for her... maybe breakfast? i'll do it quickly before she comes back "Harry? where are you? are you in the kitchen??" Julie asked me as she came rushing in the kitchen "i made you breakfast" i looked down at her and smiled , she smiled back at me with her eyes shining "thank you Harry" she gave me a quick kiss on my cheek and started eating it i just smiled back at her but inside i was exploding fireworks. " ok, i finished , lets go." she said as she grabbed her bag " yeah, lets go" i responded and held the door open for her to pass the most important thing my sister ever taught me when being with a girl is to be a gentleman. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JULIE'S P.O.V Harry was so cute by taking me to school, as he was already in holidays, we could do this more often. :D  he parked the car in my school's parking lot "thank you Harry, for everything." i grinned at him and hugged him "you're welcome Ju! whenever you need just call me, oh and by the way here's my number" he got my phone from me and wrote down his number  "thanks Harry, see you later at my grandma's today right?" i asked him as i opened the car door "sure! have a nice boring school day! " he screamed before i closed the door of the car. i looked through the window and gave him thumbs up and walked away into my class ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- great, school's here again, the most boring place ever. the only good thing about school is seeing my friends.  the bell rang and i quickly ran into the school to get to class. while i ran i accidentally bumped into a group of graduated boys who were visiting the school. "oh i'm so so-" i got interrupted by one of the boys "no problem fattie!" they all started laughing and walked away wow, was i that fat now? i mean, the whole school knew about my problems with my parents about this, and Dani usually tells me they just tease me about it "there's no coming back loser! just kill yourself!" one of the boys shouted from a distance god... what did i do for them to hate me? i've done nothing wrong. they don't know me , they don't know how i feel...  just then, i couldn't help myself. the tears came flooding my eyes and running down my face like they were desperate to come out. i'm a very sensible person, and these people just don't know what i've been through. i ran to the bathroom and washed my face and re applied some make up just to hide my horrible sad face. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i got to my second class , where Kate and Lauren were in. they were sitting in our usual table with some other girls, my place taken. "uhm.. hi girls" i said and looked at them  "oh hi Ju" Kate said back " uhm... where am i supposed to sit ? " i asked looking at her with anger in my voice "well, there's a seat right there" Lauren pointed to a table full of nobodys.  "wow. thanks a lot" i replied sarcasticly and left my material there and ran to the bathroom. i locked myself in the bathroom and grabbed my phone from my purse.  3 new messages. 2 voicemails. and 5 missed calls. i first went to look at the missed calls. 3 from Harry 1 from Liam, and 1 from Grandma. ooh Harry...  then i looked at the messages . 1 from Harry and 2 from Liam. "Hi Ju! how is school? me and Liam are staying at your grandma's for the week too! isn't that a coinsidence? hahaha, see you later here! xxx. Harry"  aww, he's so cute, yesterday we talked about everything about our lives and he made me smile a lot. i responded " Hi Harry! school's horrible... pick me up please? "  i was feeling sad, i didn't see Dani today, because i got to school in time for the second class, she was in my first. Lauren and Kate were total idiots with me today, maybe cause of the girls they were sitting with... i just don't want to think about this, later i talk to them...  my thoughts were interrupted my my phone vibrating. it was Harry. "why? ok, i'll be theree in 10, xx" i smiled to myself. in just one day i was already liking Harry, i just hope he doesn't break my heart. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "what happened?" Harry asked as i entered in his car "stupid friends..." i said, "lets just go home"  there was silence for 2 minutes but then we started chatting again about random things ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HARRY'S P.O.V i've decided, i'm breaking up with my girlfriend to be with Ju... i'm starting to really like her. Liam says shes a very sad person that her parents mistreat her, but i think i'm ready to help her. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LIAM'S P.O.V Harry left to pick up Julie at school, so i had some time for myself. i started thinking about my love for Danielle, yeah... i loved her. i was getting very sad so i decided to write a song about my love for Dani... as me and the boys are starting a band maybe that will be our first song... i'll invite them over today so we can talk about it properly. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HARRY'S P.O.V  "we're heree" i said as i opened their grandma's house door for us to go in "yeahh" Julie responded laughing " well, i have to go to some place and i'll be back later" i smiled and hugged her quickly and then walked out the door. i didn't want to tell her i was going out with my girlfriend to break up with her, but i did tell Liam, i texted him  "Liam, i just left Ju at your grandma's and now i'm going to meet up with my GF, but i'm breaking up with her, be back later"  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LIAM'S P.O.V  i received Harry's text and continued writing my song " na na na nana  na na na nana he takes your hand, i die a little i watch your eyes, and i'm in riddles why can't you look at me like that? na na na nana when you walk by, i try to say it but then i freeze, and never do it my tongue get tied, the words get  trapped i hear the beat of my heart getting louder whenever i'm near you" at that moment Julie came in the room, she sat down and signed for me to continue  " but i see youu, with him slow dancing tearing me apart cause you don't see whenever you kiss him i'm breaking oh, how i wish that was me.."  i felt a tear drop from my eyes, Julie came closer and hugged me "wow Liam, thats for Danielle right? i'm sure she'll love you someday, i mean, who wouldn't?" she smiled at me and hugged me once more "thanks... its called 'I Wish' , i wish i get the chance to sing it for her..." i said in disappointment "i'm sure you will" Julie reassured me  -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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