Back Up (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Julie Payne was a normal teenage girl always smiling, until she started getting into problems and loosing her smile. she began pretending everything was okay, when actually nothing was. she did not want anyone to know about this, but as much as she tried to hide, her best friend Danielle and her cousin Liam could clearly see it all. one day she meets a gorgeous guy named harry styles that started making her laugh, and smile again, showing her the hapiness of life and of love. will he help her get back as she was before? you'll find out reading! :)


2. Nice to meet you, i'm Harry Styles

sundays. probably the days which most makes me happy. the day i get to go to my grandma's house and see Liam, my only cousin. he's one year older than me, but we get along very well, he's like my brother. 


i ring the doorbell waking myself from my thoughts.

"grandma!! i missed you! hi!" i greeted her and hugged her

"hi sweetie! me too! oh, look at me" she turned mt head so i was facing her and looked deep into my eyes

"Liam is bringing a friend here today" she stopped talking and started fixing my hair

"he's your age darling. you should try something! you're very lonely these days, you need a boyfriend"

great. Liam was bringing a friend. meaning i won't be able to talk to him about my problems, and my grandma's pushing me towards him?! because i'm 'very lonely these days' well... actually i am, but i don't want a boyfriend, i'm fine like this.

"Grandma... no... stop it please. I don't need a boyfriend, I've got friends and you and Liam to be with, just because my parents are travelling, doesn't mean I'm lonely..."

"Oh darling..." She paused so she could close the door then continued talking

"Listen to me, every woman needs a man to make her happy, maybe he's the one and you're not even trying, just promise you'll be polite and will talk to him" she looked deep into my eyes as she waited for an answer. 

of course i want a boyfriend, as long as he doesn't hurt me. but we all know it's gonna happen so why bother trying?

i opened my mouth to speak but got interrupted by the doorbell

"oh! it's Liam and his friend! remember , be nice and talk to him!"

i just looked at her and nodded so she could get the answer she wanted

"good" she smiled and walked towards the door to open it for Liam. oh god... what was i into? i want to run from here but something holds me back, something strong...


"hi Liam! come on in!" grandma greeted Liam. i just stared at him with an evil look, he looked back at me smiling but then his facial expression changed when he observed the look i had on my face. he quickly looked back at grandma

"hey grandma, this is my friend Harry" 

wow. he was gorgeous. but it won't happen. ever. 

"Julie!!!" Liam yelled in hapiness as he saw me standing there. he opened his arms and hugged me.

"hi..." i said

"this is my friend Harry!" Liam introduced Harry as he came and stretched his hand out. whan i looked at him, i observed his perfectly shaped curls and got lost in that deep green eyes.

"helloo...?" Harry looked at me confused and waiting for me to say something. i woke up from my thoughts and shook my head. 

"oh hi. i'm sorry..." i said as i stretched out my hand to greet him.

"i'm Julie, Liam's cousin" 

"nice to meet you, i'm Harry Styles" we smiled at each other and got lost into each others eyes

"uhm... guys? lets go inside? Julie?" 

i woke up from starring into that deep beautiful green eyes and looked at Liam.

"oh... yeah, lets go" i turned around and walked towards mine and Liam's room.


"wow, you're really good at this ! you're the only GIRL i know that can play it" Harry looked at me and smiled.

"yeah... i 'm used to it, its the only game me and Liam play" i responded without taking my eyes off the screen, but from the corner of my eyes i could see Harry staring at me. we were playing that football videogame called 'FIFA' . 

"hey! what did i miss?" Liam barged in the room, making me pause the game and look at him.

"nothing really... just Julie kicking some ass here in the game!" Harry said.

"she's better than you Liam." 

i started laughing.

"no big deal right Liam? you never win when its with me" i smirkedat him while he stared at me. he blushed embarrassed and sat down on the couch. 

" didn't need to mention it..." he said quietly in belief that no one would hear him, but everyone did. Harry just chuckled.



wow. the moment i exchanged looks with that girl i felt something you can maybe call love at first sight. but this couldn't be happening, i already have a girlfriend... could this be the end of my relationship to start a new one? i don't know... so much is going on right now, me, liam and our other 3 friends Niall, Zayn and Louis will start a band, and we're still aranging people to play instruments, as we all want to sing.

well, i can't be between 2 girls, i don't like making girls sad , and i know how to do it. my older sister Gemma tells me everything. i've learned a lot with her. and she told me if snother girl comes in my life when theres already one, i should cut one out. but Julie's not the one i'm cutting out. i feel different about her. i'll get to know her better and try to be with her.



"so... Julie. why didn't Danielle come today?" i couldn't stop thinking about her! but that idiot boyfriend of hers keeps me away. 

"Liam, she's with John..." she said and looked away. 

"oh..." i get sad everytime i see them together or know they're together. i love her so much. always did and she never notices me.

"lets go to the pool!" Harry suddenly suggested. i smiled with that idea but then i noticed Julie's facial expression

"uhm... you guys can go..." she said and stood up.

"i'm not really into it" 

i knew what was happening. Julie is so insecure of her body she doesn't want to show it. but shes not fat! she is perfect, shes got curves and all good things. she gets these stupid thoughts because of her parents. they keep telling her she has to loose weight cause shes so fat. god, i hate them so much... they are horrible parents. i told Julie she could move in with me or with grandma but she refuses to. she doesn't like to show her problems to people. oh, but i see them.

i looked at her and noticed she was having a conversation with Harry about going to the pool or not.

"Julie, come here" i interrupted them and took her to the living room.

"listen to me, you are not fat. your body is the way its supposed to be! i swear! i wouldn't ake you to the pool to make you feel embarrassed, i wouldn't do that to you, because i love you Jules, and i'm here for you. theres nothing wrong with you, you're fine! you are beautiful just the way you are. now come on, put your bikini and meet us outside at the pool" i slightly pushed her towards grandma's room and watched her as she went.



Liam just made my day by saying these few words. i got happy and went to change to my bikini


i have to admit going to the pool was quite fun. Harry even told me i looked beautiful and i feel better. after going to the pool, Liam's phone vibrated and it was his mom telling him to go back home.

" i'm sorry Ju, we have to go now, but tomorrow we'll be back, you'll be here right?" 

"yeah, i'll be here the whole week" 

"great" he said as he flashed me a smile and hugged me. then he moved away to talk to grandma, and Harry showed up in front of me.

"hi Julie" he said

"hi..." i awkwardly responded

" i was wondering, in case we get lost in the woods and Liam looses her phone and we don't have no one to call, may i get your phone number just to be precatious?" he asked me smirking.

i started laughing and quickly gave him my number.

"there you go. be careful with the dangerous animals" i told him

"thank you! bye! he said as he gave me a quick hug. i smiled at him and closed the door. i kept the smile on my face, it wouldn't go away...

"hmm... somebody likes Harry! and Harry likes somebody too!" my grandma teased me as she walked in the room. 

i didn't know what to say... maybe i was really liking him... oh no. i can't. i know i'll get hurt again. i can't do this... i ran to my bedroom without saying a word and hid underneath the bed covers. maybe there i wouldn't get hurt. again. 

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