Back Up (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Julie Payne was a normal teenage girl always smiling, until she started getting into problems and loosing her smile. she began pretending everything was okay, when actually nothing was. she did not want anyone to know about this, but as much as she tried to hide, her best friend Danielle and her cousin Liam could clearly see it all. one day she meets a gorgeous guy named harry styles that started making her laugh, and smile again, showing her the hapiness of life and of love. will he help her get back as she was before? you'll find out reading! :)


4. I like your way of letting go


the week was now ending... meaning i wouldn't get to see Liam and Harry everyday, and i would go back to my house with my horrible parents... shit.

"hey... i'm sad" Harry came in the room i was and sat beside me

"why are you sad?" i asked him looking deep into his eyes

"because you're leaving tomorrow..." he looked at me with a sad face

"aww... i'm sad too Harry... but, lets just forget about it now and lets watch a movie!" i changed my expression to a happy one. he smiled at me, took my hand and lead me to the living room.

"lets watch a scary one" i smirked at him

" ok... but just dont come running crying to me saying you cant sleep !" he said as he stuck his tongue out at me

"look whos talking! i'm pretty sure YOU'LL be the one at night crying about it!" i snapped back at him

"well , we shall see" he said as he put on the DVD, he then smiled and took a seat beside me.


"god... i'm not even a little bit scared" i said and looked at Harry. he was curled up like a ball hiding his eyes

"m-me n-nei-neither" he tried puting those words out but failed at it by fear

"haha yeah, i can see how you're SOO brave Harry" i told him as i stood up and took off the DVD. i sat closer to him and stared at his eyes

he started leaning in and me too, but just then i realized what was happening, and it couldn't happen... 

"i'm sorry Harry... i do like you, but i just can't... i've been hurt too many times, i dont want to fall in love again to be hearbroken... again. " i said without even looking in his eyes.


just then Liam came in the room

"hey Harry... i forgot to ask you, did you break up with Alexia ?" he asked innocently

i just froze. i didn't want Julie to know about it

"Alexia? who's Alexia?" Julie asked confused

"Harry's girlfriend... didn't you know?" Liam said confused.

shit. shit shit shit. now she'll never understand.

"classic." she said and rushed out of the room

i rushed after her 

"Julie wait! it's not what you think!" i shouted in hope for her to stop and listen to me

" i know what you did. i said i liked you Harry! and that i didn't want to be heartbroken and you almost kissed me!and now you just broke my heart into smaller pieces without even being my boyfriend!" she said  

"i thought you liked me..." she said and ran into her room and shut the door closed.

dear god... what was happening? i didn't do nothing wrong! she's thinking i still have a girlfrfiend... gosh, why can't she hear me out??! 

Liam appeared beside me with a very confused look

"what the hell just happened?" 

i stared at him and let it all out.

"i broke up with Alexia because i'm liking Julie! i almost kissed her and now she's thinking i do have a girlfriend and kind of am with 2 girls at the same time! but i'm not! she doesn't want to listen to the whole story! ..." i explained to him

"Harry... she's just shocked about all this. by 'i almost kissed her' you mean you didn't kiss? why? ... oh, hold on... you don't even need to tell me why. she was heartbroked many times Harry, she's afraid of falling in love, and she's been avoiding guys lately, she just don't want to be heartbroken again you know, even by the smallest things like this, but she doesn't know the true story behind it and i'm sure she'll understand because you've done nothing wrong right? don't be sad okay? i'll go talk to her and later i'll tell you about it" Liam reassured me and went inside Julie's room. 



nothing really happened between me and Harry and i'm already heartbroken... i mean, he almost kissed me, i assume he likes me. but how could he be such a coward? being with 2 girls at once! ugh! i can't even believe it !

suddenly there was a knock on the door. Liam.

"hey, i just wanted to chek on you" he smiled and sat beside me on my bed

"Liam... i like him! i do. but i can't be heartbroken again! thats why i didn't kiss him. but he is with another girl? i can't believe Harry would do such a thing..." 

"Ju,  this is not the real story, i'm not telling you what true because it's Harry's job to do it. but it's my job to tell you that you have to listen to Harry. as hard as it seems to be, you have to listen to him. even if you don't want to be with him, just listen to him to know the real story" he told me and stood up and walked towards the door

"uhm.. Liam?" i asked before he left

"yeah?" he turned around and answered 

"thank you... and could you please call Harry in here?" i asked innocently

"sure, but i'm watching you remember!" he smirked towards me

"gosh Liam! i'm 17 already!" i laughed as he opened the door to leave. we winked towards me and i heard him calling Harry.

now, to listen to the explanation.


there was a knock on the door. it was probably Harry. i quickly fixed my hair and told him to come in.

"hi.. so i'm gonna explain it really quickly so you understand" he paused to clear hs throat and started speaking again

"i really like you Ju. and that affected my old relationship because i started to not like her anymore, so i decided i was breaking up with her to be with you. so i told Liam i was going to meet up with her so i could break up with her. and so i did. i didn't tell you about her because i didn't want you to know that i had a girlfriend for you not to think that i didn't like you, because i do, i even left my girlfriend for you. so.. thats basically it." he stopped talking and came closer to me.

"oh Harry... i'm sorry about all that. i should have listened to you first, because it's not a big deal... i'm sorry" i said and hugged him. 

"Ju, why can't we be together? i really like you and you really like me too. i'll never break your heart. i swear." he told me. i looked away, avoiding eye contact .

" look Harry... all the boys say this, and they eventually break girls heart. " 

" uhm... so can i at leats kiss once?" he asked me with a desperate look in his eyes. i simply nodded. he leaned in and crashed our lips together. it was a desperate kiss. the kiss we both were waiting for. it was magical and perfect. we both pulled out gasping for air. Harry held my chin up and made me face him.

" i just wanted to tell you, i won't give up." he winked and walked towards the door. 

wow. what a kiss. i put my fingers on my lips thinking about this magical moment, feeling his lips on mine. i wanted more.



i walked in the kitchen and found Harry sitting down eating breakfast .

"oh, hey mate. how was last night?" i asked curiously

" oh, i finally got the kiss!" he said joyfully and full of food in his mouth

"ew man, thats gross, but for the you two being okay , great! i'm happy you sorted things out between you guys. you're welcome..." i cleared my throat sarcastically

Harry started laughing and smiled "thank you" 



" i can't believe your leaving... i'll miss waking up in the morning and seeing you already" i told Julie with a sad look on my face

she hugged me tightly . "i don't want to go either... but my parents are home now and they want me back." she told me sadly

"wait.. but you're going to the party tonight right?" i asked her, hoping she would

" oh... uhm.. i'm not sure my parents will let me go... but i'll try." she tried smiling and moved on to talk to Liam. 

ouch. i'm gonna miss her, i hope she goes to the party tonight... 



"i'm home!" i shouted not wanting a response back

"ugh finally Julie! come here in the kitchen and wash these dishes! do some exercice! your becoming too fat girll!" my mom yelled at me. i had to do it. if i didn't i would get locked in my room for very long. 

"coming..." i answered and walked towards the kitchen to do some work.


"Julie! you never do things the right way! go to your bedroom! i can't stand looking at you anymore! " my father screamed at me. i quickly walked to my room. i cleaned a tear that was falling into my cheek. the door got locked by the outside and i was told that i was only leaving that room tomorrow afternoon. ugh... i'm hungry! 

suddenly my phone started vibrating .  a text from Harry

"are you going to the party ?? please go!"

i frowned to myself. i was locked up in my room, with no way out... wait.. there was 1 way.


my phone started vibrating

"i'm sneaking out of the house!be there in 20" Julie sent me this message

i started laughing to myself and told Liam


i was just talking to some friends when something caught my attention. i turned around and there she was. she beautifully came down the stairs. everyone just stopped and stared at her in admiration. she was wearing a tight black dress with the top cut low. she was stunning.

i walked towards her and held my hand out. she grabbed it and walked with me towards some chairs .

"wow Ju. you are beautiful." i told her with a smile on my face

"thank you Harry" she blushed and smiled

"so did you sneak out?" i asked curiously

"uhm.. i saw the window, got dressed, opened the window and went through it! haah, at least i didn't get caught... i was locked up in my room , and was supposed to be there until tomorrow morning, so i guess they'll never notice." she smiled not even caring about it.

"wow Ju! you've changed! you're not the same sad girl i met that other day. i like your new way of letting go." i told her

without saying a word she leaned in and kissed me. after a while she pulled back and said

"we can do this, just, not in a relationship" 

i could understand why. and i was happy to do it. because in the end i would make her mine. officially.

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