Back Up (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Julie Payne was a normal teenage girl always smiling, until she started getting into problems and loosing her smile. she began pretending everything was okay, when actually nothing was. she did not want anyone to know about this, but as much as she tried to hide, her best friend Danielle and her cousin Liam could clearly see it all. one day she meets a gorgeous guy named harry styles that started making her laugh, and smile again, showing her the hapiness of life and of love. will he help her get back as she was before? you'll find out reading! :)


1. Prologue

when you think life is too perfect, theres something wrong. Julie's life was now turning into a big mess. her hapiness was long gone by now, after all shes been through. 
a 16 year old beautiful girl has lost her smile within this year.


i feel done. this past year so much happened to me... i was broken hearted too many 
times i guess, by boyfriends, friends , and even my parents. my first boyfriend, believe it or not was only this year, i'm 16 years old, maybe i'm not that pretty, or i'm not very likeable, my best friend Danielle tells me they are ones that dont know what they are doing, but i clearly see that she's only trying to help me and make me feel better...

life's a bitch. you try your best but you dont succeed, and theres no one there to help you. Danielle can see the sadness in me. my other friends dont see it, but if they see, they dont mention it. maybe they know i'm full of problems and they dont want to help me...

so, my first boyfriend ended our relationship by cheating on me with a dude... weird, he was actually gay, and i'm still being teased by that. my second boyfriend was the one i thought i was in love with, but one day i went up to his house and caught him cheating on me, with a girl, at least he wasn't gay... but i felt completely heart broken becsuse it was my second relationship that the boy cheated on me. now i have to admit, im afraid of falling in love. i now avoid guys who come and talk to me, i just dont want to get hurt again. i guess i'll never have a boyfriend and will live alone with 9 cats and my mom visiting me twice a week... god dammit. before i go to sleep all these memories come back to me and i keep thinking about them. i do sometimes dream of meeting the right guy and he loving me as much as i would love him. i imagine him being protective over me, and keeping me safe. but most importantly, keeping me happy. yeah... i dont know if that will ever happen. i dont like to over think things, i just let them go.

okay... at my school i have many friends, but most of them are what you can call 'fake' or 'false friends' . Kate is the most popular girl in school, she's one of my closest friends, she's super nice and everyone wants her as their best friend because of her popularity. i personally think its ridiculous. a girl named Jessica, is the fakest friend. she actually once sent a conversation mine and hers to somebody and changed something that i wrote that i called her by her name, she changed to as if i had called her 'sis' . im NOT her sis god dammit. ridiculous. but it was quite funny in a way. another one of my closest friends was Lauren. she is so funny and super nice. but she sometimes only wants Kate's friendship because she's popular, then she becomes ridiculous too. 

you know, i do have a bit of fun when i'm with my cousin Liam. he's one of the 2 people that can get a little and shy smile from me. he knows me very well and can see through my problems and sadness.

so, i have to admit, this year i gained some extra weight i wasn't supposed to. i think thats what started ruining my life. my trousers began not fitting and my parents talked to me about it. they started to make me feel bad about myself, by the way they told me. i feel like my dad only wants me to be slim and not happy... i get really sad about it. it really affects me. i go to the gym, i work out, i stopped eating too much but nothing seems to work... after getting depressed about it i started trying to stick my 2 fingers in my throat to vomit, and almost bought those medicines that says you'll loose weight but actually affects your health. Danielle and Liam stopped me from having it. i guess they're right... about Liam and Dani.... yeah, i wish they would be a couple, but Dani is dating a jerk called John. ew, he's so disgusting... he's not right for her and i get so frustrated about it! Liam loves Danielle, always have, always will. but she just doesn't see it. ughh! Danielle and Liam are so perfect for each other! Danielle with her perfect blonde hair and matching green eyes fit awkwardly perfectly with Liam's brown eyes and brown hair. he is crazy about her! and shes crazy about that stupid John! i guess some things can't go right, like my life right now.
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