Hi i'm Ariella, I am a nineteen year old and my best friend is Lucy. Lucy is a big fan of one direction, While I on the other hand like their music not them. I don't know why everyone thinks they are cute they are probably snobby little brats. Well that's what I thought before I was kidnapped by them. when I was kidnapped I fell in love. with who? read my story to find out.


7. the honor

Ariella's P.O.V- I have been having nightmares more often of my past life with john. Every single one i have i tell niall everything  except for one i will not ever tell niall about it. i have had it once. i am now terrifyed of going to sleep because of that one memory. I fell asleep like usual and plunged into my memory. "i got home from school and John was drunk sitting on the couch waiting for me. i tried to sneak pass him but he caught me. Shit he pushed me up against the wall and roughly made out with me. I was against the wall so i was trapped. John then put me on his shoulder and carried me into his bedroom and went to the closet and came back with handcuffs and tied my hand to the bed post and took off his clothes and then mine. That was how i lost my getting raped by an abusive boyfriend. he then hand cuffed me to the microwave which was above the counter-top stove. he then turned the stove on and forcefully placed my arm on the burner causing me to scream in agonizing pain then i was awakened by an extreamly worried Niall  I think its time to tell him the memory. After i had explained my WHOLE life memory's he was hugging me. He said that he would NEVER let anyone lay a finger on me. He asked me to be his girlfriend saying "Ariella, I have been in love with you since i first saw you i want you to please do me the honor and be my girlfriend. " i was tearing up and said yes. He then kissed me, and of course i kissed him back. i broke the kiss and got up and went to the door. Niall ran after me but i shut the door in his face. I went for a walk for like two hours.


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