Hi i'm Ariella, I am a nineteen year old and my best friend is Lucy. Lucy is a big fan of one direction, While I on the other hand like their music not them. I don't know why everyone thinks they are cute they are probably snobby little brats. Well that's what I thought before I was kidnapped by them. when I was kidnapped I fell in love. with who? read my story to find out.


4. the fights

Liam's P.O.V- I ran downstairs where everyone was except Ariella who was asleep. I went up to Harry and punched him in the jaw. Everyone yelled at me until I said "He beat up Lucy!" everyone starred at Harry who was denying it and said I was crazy. I then told them that was what Lucy said. we all scolded him and then he felt really bad and that he didn't mean too it was just that when she punched him in the jaw anger took over.

Niall's P.O.V- Well ok guys i'm going to go check on Ariella and go to bed night guys. they all said night and off to sleep with Ariella. no not in that way, I may want to but no not now. As I got in our room she woke up and hugged me saying stuff like I missed you why were you gone I love you so much. then she kissed me. I thought it was just the medicine. I layed in the bed with her, my arm around her waist pulled he closer and tighter. She flipped over her face facing me and kissed me passionately. Wow her medicine was really strong. I woke up before Ariella and watched her sleep when she said with her eyes closed "stop watching me Horan" I chuckled a little. Then I asked her if she remembered what she did last night and she said "nope why." Bummer I thought to myself.

Ariella's P.O.V- I really didn't remember what happened last night but I was in a bed with the guy I am falling for. I am falling in love with me KIDNAPPER. I am going crazy. "snuggle bear?" I asked him he replied with "what my baby boo?" We both laughed but then I said i'm calling you that for now on. "ill call you baby bear for now on then too" My snuggle bear replied and I giggled we got up and I got on his back carefully because of my cast and said to the kitchen Snuggle Bear! "Ok my Baby Boo!" As we approached the kitchen every one said "Snuggle bear, and Baby boo?" are you two dating. NO we replied a little too quickly. ooooo you two like each other! Louis said as zayn came down stairs. I saw him and Ran or hobbled onto my wheel chair and sped off to the living room avoiding zayn. Just my luck Zayn followed me. "We need to talk Ariella" zayn says. There's nothing to talk about you are a BULLY I yell causing everyone to come into the living room except Lucy. "What did you call me?!?!" Zayn yelled. I called you a bully because that's what you are! You told me that everyone hated me so much that even my parents killed themselves to get away from me! YOU CALLED ME A WHORE, SLUT, BITCH, FAGGOT AND WORSE YOU ZAYN RUINED MY LIFE!!!!HAPPY NOW?!?!?!!

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