Hi i'm Ariella, I am a nineteen year old and my best friend is Lucy. Lucy is a big fan of one direction, While I on the other hand like their music not them. I don't know why everyone thinks they are cute they are probably snobby little brats. Well that's what I thought before I was kidnapped by them. when I was kidnapped I fell in love. with who? read my story to find out.


11. Please wake up

Ariella's P.O.V- I was in complete darkness and could not move. i heard a door open and people talking. i  could not make out what they were saying. I then heard a familiar thick Irish accent saying "Ariella please wake up, i love you, you are going to have a baby and i miss you. this is all my fault"....that was Niall! i want to open my eyes but i cant. i tried but failed.

Niall's P.O.V- It has been 5 months and Ariella's baby bump was getting really big. she was not waking up tho which scared me. while she has been in a coma i asked the doctor to see if its healthy. Since Ariella is still getting food, our baby is getting some also. I was so happy. When the doctor left i was talking to Ariella and was holding her hand. I was talking about baby names and she squeezed my hand and opened her eyes! "DOCTOR" i yelled and he came in with a happy look on his face and asked Ariella if she knew what happened and she still remembered everything. she threw the blanket onto the floor to see her baby bum has grown. She looked surprised and asked how long it has been. "like six months" i said she looked surprised and told me to sit next to her on the bed she didn't have the cast on anymore and so i fit on the bed. After i got on and the doctor left we were in a passionate make-out session when the boys ran in. they saw us kissing then saw Ariella's stomach and all jaws dropped. I sat them all down and told them "John kidnapped us, made us do it and get Ariella pregnant and when she gives birth he will come and kill the baby." all of the guys made a promise to Ariella that they would NOT let him kill our baby.

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