Hi i'm Ariella, I am a nineteen year old and my best friend is Lucy. Lucy is a big fan of one direction, While I on the other hand like their music not them. I don't know why everyone thinks they are cute they are probably snobby little brats. Well that's what I thought before I was kidnapped by them. when I was kidnapped I fell in love. with who? read my story to find out.


1. meet us, Ariella and Lucy

Hi i'm Ariella, I have straight brown hair with side bangs, brown eyes that change color with my feelings cool right? well I am 5'4 and i'm pretty short for a nineteen year old. Lucy had blonde curly hair and green eyes. she is 5'8 taller than me. Lucy, is obsessed with One Direction, we live in London together both of our parents were bff's so we have known each other since we were born. When we were 16 our parents went out one night and got into a HUGE car accident and they all died and we were devastated. we both inherited every thing so we sold the house in America and lived in the house in London. It has been three years and me and Lucy are doing great Lucy works at Nandos. she hopes She will meet someone from one direction. I work at Starbucks its a nice job and my boss is really nice. Me and Lucy both go to college at night. Lucy is into journalism, I am going to college to be a model but i'm going on the x-factor because I am an amazing singer. I love modeling though so if one does not turn out to be successful I have the other job.

======at home after school with Lucy====

Arielle's P.O.V- we just got home when we remembered we didn't go grocery shopping. We decided it wasn't too late to go so we grabbed our phones and keys and started to walk because it was a nice day. While we were walking I scooted closer to Lucy because I had this feeling we were being stalked or followed. Apparently she felt the same so we held hands until we got inside of Wal-Mart. we laughed it off and she brought up the boy band One Direction. UHG! stop talking about them I said. wen we got our groceries we left. When we were approaching the house we ran inside. We did it all the time, we tied when we were inside we started to put away the groceries when Lucy blasted One Direction and we danced while we put away the food. Dinner was being made while we were dancing. We had steak with broccoli as a side. we were eating when we looked at the security cameras upstairs in the attic before bed like we always did. We never felt safe after our parents died. Something caught our eye it was a black van with no windows. four people got out and walked up our walkway. we were scared, But the attic was a secret place that we didn't know we had until this year. we heard people talking about spreading out to find Arielle and Lucky. they either have the wrong house or they don't know our correct names. we were both about to scream but we covered each others mouths so it was a muffled scream. we thought they left so we took our hands away and then someone with a mask found us. We screamed and he grabbed Ariella and then another person grabbed Lucy. "LUCY I screamed, ARIELLA she screamed back." ok she was alright. when we got outside we lashed around and kneed them in the chest causing them to drop us and we ran holding hands Screaming help. the van was gaining on us. I fell and rolled down a big hill and took Lucy down with me.   

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