Hi i'm Ariella, I am a nineteen year old and my best friend is Lucy. Lucy is a big fan of one direction, While I on the other hand like their music not them. I don't know why everyone thinks they are cute they are probably snobby little brats. Well that's what I thought before I was kidnapped by them. when I was kidnapped I fell in love. with who? read my story to find out.


13. "Get There Fast!"

Ariella's P.O.V- Did he just ask me to marry him?...Was this because he loved me truly or so i don't leave my  "kidnappers." i dont care anymore actually, i love Niall and he is the father of my baby. "yes" I replied, "i will marry you" Niall got up from his knee and kissed me. This was the best day of my life, i am having twins and Niall and i are getting married! We then went home to tell all of the guys. When we got home the boys were on the couch, Niall then yelled We are having a boy, Louis was disappointed along with Liam. I then yelled...AND A GIRL! Louis and Liam came over and hugged me. I don't talk to Zayn. All of the sudden there were another pair of arms around my stomach. i looked behind me and Zayn was hugging me. We always keep our distances though.

Niall's P.O.V- Zayn was hugging Ariella? that's really weird. Ariella and i decided to get married on valentines day next year. It will be easier not to forget our anniversary that way. Ariella was getting huge! She was now 8 months and 2 weeks pregnant. Ariella went EVERYWHERE with me just in case. I told Ariella to go to our room and lye down and that i would be there in like 5 minutes. I went to Liam and Louis and talked to them about the Babies. We were so excited, we decided that when Ariella goes into labor we will have 10 body guards 3 in the room, disguised as normal people but equipped with weapons. We thought it would be safer if john came.

Ariella's P.O.V- I went to our room and went to change when my water broke! I was so confused on what to do. i was there for like 10 minutes when i had a contraction. I screamed out in pain, Minutes later Niall was by my side. It hurt like HELL. Niall yelled to the boys and they took me too the car. Niall got on the phone "We are bringing her to the hospital Now. get there fast." he spoke. I was confused, until i had another contraction and screamed out...AGAIN Liam was on one side of me, he took my hand, i looked over to him and he hugged me. I was wrapped in Liam's arms until we got to the hospital.

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