Lucia Coristi's world has fell apart. Trained fighter, her father, bodyguard to the Emperor, has been framed for the Emperor's murder. Her father and brothers are dead, and herself captured. The Royal Family are dead, all but Lord Michael, lost in the city.

Forced into the position of an assassin, can she bring back order to a chaotic city that doesn't want to be saved?


4. Chapter 4 - Luce (Someone Save Me)

Chapter 4 - Lucia

"We were expecting one Lord Protector Charles' sons. Not his youngest daughter."

I scowled at the older man, crossing my arms and snapping "I'm sorry I'm not up to your expectations. This city is full bloody sexism." The two men shared a glance and a chuckle, before the older swung the boat round to the shore. "Missy, you know it's rare to find a girl like you in this city."

I huffed and rolled my eyes, climbing out the boat. I could hear a couple of mutters, and I turned around to see the younger, apparently called Ethan. "So, anything you wanna know about this place?" He asked, and I chuckled slightly. He didnt know the half of it.

"Where is this place? The district got sealed off from the plague." I asked, checking around to confirm my statement, looking at the rats scurring past. "Yeah it did. But we make base in a pub called 'Ragged Flaggon'. See, that building with the stained glass windows."

I nodded, biting my tongue to save any further questions til later. Ethan gestured towards the bar with his eyes, and I started walking, until I was met by a barrage of shouting from a man with an overflowing pint of ale. "'Ello Lass! Good job Ethan, you got 'er here without 'er bein' killed! Yu forgot to drop your 'delivery' off though, you better 'ave it with ya! Or you aint gettin' your ale!"

Ethan scowled, and threw him a black book, just nudging along his ale, much to the man's horror. "There, now I'm getting myself a pint." Before he did, the other man slammed the book into the table, glaring across as Ethan turned to face him "Get out! We'll talk to the lass later!"

Ethan took me mesage, and I felt myself get dragged out of the room, and the door slammed behind me. I glared, shaking off his grip and pushing him away. "Don't touch me." I hissed, stepping back in defence. It wasn't that I was scared of him, but he took that way with a weary grin.

"Chill girlie. You're not in danger from me, anyone else in this place may be another story..." Ethan muttered. I muttered something under my breath, a couple of curses. "Who are you, and what do you want from me?" I asked, keeping a calm face to the best of my ability.

He flashed me a look of disapproval and a sigh, before answering "Right, firstly, you be that blunt on the streets and people will be out to get your head on a silver platter, either that or they'll respect you... But they hated me when I tried that technique. Now for explaining... Well, as Haymitch, our mostly drunken leader of sorts, said, we're the loyalists, we belive that it wasn't your family who killed the royals and that Lord Micheal is hidden away somewhere, although, we don't know where, well anyway, that's why we helped you get outta there, creepy place that prison." 

"Coldridge is more than creepy. The place is a graveyard." I muttered, scratching my neck, feeling something flaky come off. More peeling burnt skin... 

"I don't really want to know about the state of that prison, I'm stealthy enough not to end up there, if and when I assassinate people." Ethan muttered. And I huffed and chuckled at his statement. Yeah, he wouldn't last a week. "Pride before a fa-" I started to snap back, before remembering what he had said.

"Michael's still alive?!"

"Well, we think so..." He answered, before a smile grew across my face. I pushed him out of the way, sending him flying into the back wall. He began to say something, and I ignored him, slamming the door open and smashing the same book, now open, into the table Haymitch and another man were sitting at.

They both looked up, going to say something before I demanded "Where's Michael?"

"Miss Corristi, we do not know where Lord Michael is... But this journal will give-" 

"Then give me the journal!" I shouted, grabbing the book before it was snatched off me. "You can't just do that Lass! We'll tell you 'morrow Lass, but we'll make sure that soon as we know we'll tell ya." Haymitch shouted, placing the book on the table. 

I growled and walked out, running upstairs and slamming the door behind me, falling onto the bed and to the first time in a week, I fell asleep and not knocked unconscious by the harrowing torture. 

Things are looking up oh finally.g

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