Lucia Coristi's world has fell apart. Trained fighter, her father, bodyguard to the Emperor, has been framed for the Emperor's murder. Her father and brothers are dead, and herself captured. The Royal Family are dead, all but Lord Michael, lost in the city.

Forced into the position of an assassin, can she bring back order to a chaotic city that doesn't want to be saved?


3. Chapter 3 - Ethan (Kaffine Zombie)

Chapter 3 - Ethan

I walked south from my latest thieving trip, heading back to the loyalist's headquarters, where I had been promised a drink if I completed the job. I had taught myself to lie, cheat, steal and eavesdrop as a kid, so now, being 18, I'm one of the best, which sometimes I wish I wasn't. As I made my way through the streets, I picked up bits of conversations, lots of them being very similar, things like; 'Did you hear? The royals were killed and Lord Michael has disappeared... Some say they were assassinated, by their own protectors!' and 'What will happen with the royals dead and the lord protectors gone?!'

I didn't really think that much of it. I mean, they're only rumours, right? But I had that nagging feeling that the rumours were true, my fears were confirmed as soon as I stepped through the doors of the loyalist base, an abandoned pub named 'The Ragged Flagon', I was called over to the bar, wanted for another job when I had only just got back from the last one, wonderful...

Our commander, of sorts, Haymitch, who never strays far from the alcohol, was waiting to hand out some more  jobs to us, while he drank all of the ale. 

“Hey! Ethan! Lad! You gotta go with Finley to pick up the old Lord Protector’s kid, they’re gonna be useful to us, now get gone! They’ll get out ‘emselves, you just have to pick ‘em up and explain who we are. Well? The longer you take, the less alcohol ya get later!” Haymitch shouted from the other side of the bar. I rolled my eyes and dashed outside to Marcus, our weapons master, I handed him my sword and one of my daggers, which he wanted to upgrade and ran towards the docks. I pulled my bandanna up so that it covered half of my face and let my hair hang in my face, obscuring my features further as I stepped onto the boat and greeted Finley before he started the engine on the boat and pulled us out of the dock and down the river, towards the city’s seemingly inescapable prison, Coldridge.

We were travelling for, actually, not as long as I thought we would be before Fin stopped the boat near an open sewer pipe situated under the Wren Estate -a bunch of houses for the bunch of idiots we call ‘aristocracy’- I had stolen a good few valuable things from those people...

We weren’t waiting for a great deal of time, well, long enough for me and Fin to make a bet which of the Lord Protector’s kids survived. If they were useful to us, then they must know how to fight, that excludes his daughters, so I bet that it was his older son, Corin, and Fin thought it was the younger, Robert.  But as we saw the person we were supposed to be picking up approach, we knew that we were both wrong, and gave our money to the dead by –being the superstitious idiots we are- throwing it overboard into the river.

The girl approaching had dark red hair which fell to her shoulders, ghostly pale skin, and stormy grey eyes. She was fairly thin and it looked like something had happened to the side of her neck, although I didn’t question, god knows what could’ve happened in that prison. She also looked like she had been dragged through a sewer backwards, which didn’t really surprise me. The first thing she said when she walked up to us was something I wasn’t really expecting; “Why did you throw that money in the river?” she asked. I wasn’t really sure whether to explain or not so I simply said “Superstition, I throw money in the river for good luck.” I lied, although It probably sounded like the truth and quickly added “Well, anyway, I’m Ethan and this is Fin, we’re part of the loyalists and we really need to get the hell out of here, quickly.” 

She jumped into the boat and said “Well, I’m Lucia, thank you for helping me get out of there.” Before Fin started the engine and we were hurtling back to the Ragged Flagon, our base, where I could explain about the loyalists in more detail. 

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