Lucia Coristi's world has fell apart. Trained fighter, her father, bodyguard to the Emperor, has been framed for the Emperor's murder. Her father and brothers are dead, and herself captured. The Royal Family are dead, all but Lord Michael, lost in the city.

Forced into the position of an assassin, can she bring back order to a chaotic city that doesn't want to be saved?


2. Chapter 2 - Luce (Someone Save Me)

Chapter 2 - Lucia

Rats. That was the first thing I was aware of when I came to. Then the grinding of the metal cell door open in, and the guard's grunt of a voice "You should eat. This meal is from... A interested friend." 

I rolled off my bed, crushing a couple of rats as I rolled. Stumbling to the other end of the room, I picked up the bread, tearing off a tiny piece, before seeing a small letter and... And a key? I picked them up, testing that they weren't just a figment of my imagination. And surprise surprise, it wasnt.

We know what the Lord Regent has done. Provided here is the key to you cell, and outside a weapon. There is a clockwork explosive next to the sword, grab it, and blow apart the wall near the sewers. Then, escape into them, and your gear is stashed.

Meet Ethan and Fin, they'll bring to us.
A friend.

I smiled slightly, rubbing the burns on my neck nervously, feeling the skin flake and scatter on my hands. It was painful, but necessary. I grabbed the key, twisting in the lock and then it clinked satisfyingly, and swung open.

A cautious smile flciked across my face, and I crept over to a table, and looking me in the face was a watch sword, and a small clockwork explosive, ticking away merrily. An hour. I had an hour to get to the north wall, which is where the Wrenhaven River flowed underneath the drawbridge to Coldridge.

I crouched underneath the table as a guard walked in, whistling an old salior shanty. I nearly stopped breathing as he walked up to the table, so I could only see the lower half of his body. He seemed to be reading something, so I took advantage of that, and snuck out so I was behind him. 

One draw across his throat, and then the man was dead under the table, not even knowing I was there. I wiped my blade clean on his sleeve, and began to make my way through the prison, careful not to step on any rats, or make any loud noises.

The guards aimlessly chartered amongst themselves, not suspecting I was even walking around. This seemed easy, seemed simple. Maybe I'd overjudged my captors. Of then again, the pistols and the bullets around, the emplty fired shells on the floor, they said different. They would shoot and kill at sight.

I heard a couple talking about how the torture was going to be opened, so guards could do whatever they wanted with the prisioner. Somehow, that made me shiver more than the cold. The jeers, the betting, one shouted that she'll only last five minutes. Others saying ten. 

To be honest, I didn't understand what they were talking about, but the distraction was welcome. Anything that gave me a slight advantage was welcome. And then, the best thing I had seen in a week.

The drawbridge door, and then there was not a soul guarding the inside, but the controller, asleep on the control panel, nearly ready to open it. I smiled at my luck, and placed my explosive not he door, setting to explode in a couple of seconds before darting behind cover.

And then, my ears rang violently as fire and metal were blown away from the door, waking the controller. I didn't need a second warning as an alarm sounded, I got up, and dived off the bridge into the river below, crashing into the water.

Shouts from above as I pulled myself onto the riverside. Bedraggled and soaking, I dragged myself into a sewer pipe, pulling my way through the cramped space, feeling furry bodies rush against me. There were a couple that bit at my legs and at my hands, but apart from that, everything seemed to be fine.

Then, I tumbled out of the pipe, landing face first on top of a rotting corpse. It took everything I had not to scream as I backed away into the wall, cold and wet with something sticky. I turned round to see something written in blood, but my retreat had smudged it into a unreable splatter upon the wall.

After a couple of seconds steadying my pulse and breath, I stood up shakily, walking forward, avoiding the scattered corpses. The rats seemed to devour them after a while, and I shivered at the crunch of bone, and sometimes, blood would splash my face from the rats, which made me yelp. It was true about the rats down here, vicious and hunting in swarms, drawn to dead and ready to attack the living.

Minutes passed as I crawled through the sewers, keeping my head down and trying to use the water as much as possible to avoid the rat swarms. It was a good half hour before I reached my destination, a cabinet in the sewers. I took my key, unlocked the lock and was rewarded with things familiar.

A switchblade, engraved on with my name and initials. A foldable crossbow, loaded with darts sharp enough to draw blood through steel. Or, so I had been informed.

I discarded the watch sword, crining as it made a large splash, catching me it's spray. But I flciked out the blade, and drew it against the metal railing, hearing it rake against the metal. A small smile crossed my lips, and started with renewed confidence through the sewers. 

I climbed into a pipe, crawling through to reach a canal flowing into the Wrenhaven river, and two men, one round about my age, the other a more elderly man, throwing coins into the water as soon as they saw me.
"Why have you thrown those into the water?"

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