Lucia Coristi's world has fell apart. Trained fighter, her father, bodyguard to the Emperor, has been framed for the Emperor's murder. Her father and brothers are dead, and herself captured. The Royal Family are dead, all but Lord Michael, lost in the city.

Forced into the position of an assassin, can she bring back order to a chaotic city that doesn't want to be saved?


1. Chapter 1 - Luce (Wrote by Someone Save Me)

Chapter 1 - Lucia

"Lucia, do not be ridiculous, your father and your brothers killed the Royal family."

I snapped my head up, looking the man in the eye. He smirked, his mouth twisting up in a jeer of sorts, gesturing to the burning rod in his hands. He couldn't, I couldn't take another...

It had been like that for days, days and days since I'd seen sunlight, since I'd seen fresh air. A couple of days ago, my father arrived back, with news concerning the rat plague. I don't know whether they found a cure, I don't know why it happened.

I had been sent to my chambers, I'd seen my father and he was... He was fine. The Emperor, he was fine. The Royalty, they were all fine. Everything was going to okay, my father was back, and I didn't have to be looked after by the maids and servants anymore. My father even hugged me when he got off the boat, swinging me round, lifting me up off the ground like he did when I was a child.

Even though I was 17, my father still looked after me, still protected me. He was the one who decided to arm me and train me, and I suppose I owe most of my life to him.

"Admit you were involved in the conspiracy to exterminate the Royal Family. And reveal Lord Michael's location."

And then I twisted my head left, and I glared at the ageing man stood with crossed arms. He frowned when I spat at his boots, making the new black leather shine. He shook his head, his greying patchy hair swishing slightly. 

"Burn her."

He commanded in a slightly croaking voice, and the man with the burning rod pressed it onto my cheek. I screamed in pain, gripping the chair before feeling spikes dig into my hands. Tears gathered in my eyes, stinging and blurring my vision.

"Never! My family is innocent, you killed my father!" I shouted, and then I was simply rewarded with another burn on the other side of my face. I slumped back, letting my eyes flutter open and closed. "Leave us." He said to the man with the rod, I never found who he was. He was simply the man who came with the torture devices, and the man who wore a mask, black with dark brown eyes shining beneath the leather.

He grunted something, and I heard his heavy footsteps mark his exit. The other man hooked his fingers under my chin, bringing my head up to look at him. "Nobody will ever know. Nobody. You will die, the torture will kill you. And with you, dies the truth. Michael is hidden away until the right time, and until the time, he remains lost."

I used the last bits of my strength to raise my head, open my eyes and look at him. He smiled sweetly, his eyes sparkling dangerously. He never smiled, for he was an enemy of my father, he was the spy master.

The Emperor's left hand, while my father was his right. They never agreed, and now, the ageing man my father always fought against, always pushed back his draconian ways from the Emperor's choices, was in full control of the city.

"Would you like to know something? Stabbing the Emperor was the most satisfying thing I've done. Well, after framing your family and beheading your father. I think that was the sweetest, listening to your father begging for his precious daughter to be spared. The Lord Protector being humiliated, it was sweet indeed. So, I'm going to make sure you die in the most horrible way I can think of."

I growled, spitting face defiantly, and then managed to croak out weakly "Never. You. Will. Never. Take. Me."
He chuckled, and then smirked. "Ah, but that's where you're wrong. We already took you. Now, we break you. It was lovely knowing you Lady Lucia, or should I say, Lord Protector Lucia. Goodbye."

And then, something smashed against my neck, and everything faded to black.

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