He left me

I'm Lola, I'm a girl who loves sing!! I'm 16. I love my best friend! Her name's Bella! She's 16 too! We share everything!
Please, don't send me hate comments, it's my first fan fiction.


2. A new boy

After a week to be back to school, it was the weekend! Finally!

I am outside in my garden listening to music and waiting Bell's to come. She should be here! I'm waiting for her since an hour! *Someone knocks on the door*

"I'm coming!" I telled, hoping it was Bella.

"Hello girl! What's uo?" she said,

"What's up? I'm waiting for you since an hour!!" I answered angrily when I saw that a boy was standing next to her.

"Hi, I'm Harry and you are Lola?" he said smiling at me.

-"Yes, I am." I said frostily.

"Sorry girl, I was with Harry, he's the new neighbor, he lives in the old Austin's house. She told me smiling at me.

"Who's Austin?" Harry continued.

"Okay! Heu... Austin was the boy who lived at your new home, come in!" I said smiling at Harry.

"Lola's room is the second door to the right Harry." Bella said taking me to the kitchen and starting to talk:

"He's cute and he's 16 too!" she said.

"So what do we do?" Harry asked watching my room and I sat on my bed waiting that Bella answered.

"Hum... I don't know! What do you think Bell's?" I said smiling at Harry.

"I know! We can go watch the match! You know girl, we said that we should go together and Harry could come with us. He's new and Monday he'll go to the college with us, so I think that's a good idea, isn't it?" she said flirting with him.

"Euh..., yes of course, why not?" I answered thinking about Austin.

"You need to know that we're the most popular girls in the college. Do you have a girlfriend?" she asked to him smiling.

"Nope." he answered.

"So, we go!" I said taking my bag and my key.

For the first time, Bell's was annoying me flirting with Harry as she does, I wasn't jealous.

We left and arrived in front of the college.

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