He left me

I'm Lola, I'm a girl who loves sing!! I'm 16. I love my best friend! Her name's Bella! She's 16 too! We share everything!
Please, don't send me hate comments, it's my first fan fiction.


1. Back to School

After two great months with my family and my best friend, I needed to come back to school! Too bad!

I prepared myself to be back and I was singing alone in my room, for be cool when my awful neighbor was yelling:

-"You suck! Don't sing! I am diying because your voice sucks!" he said to me, I didn't care about his comment because he was always awful with everybody! I didn't answered because I knew that he will keep going insult me so, I went to my bathroom, brushed my teeth and checked that I have everything for tomorrow. It was already 10:15 p.m. so I slept.

*The morning*

The alarm clock rang and I know that a new year will start today: new class, new friend, new teachers!

"Wake up and come take your breakfast!" my mom yelled to me.

-"I'm  already wake up since 1 hour mom!" I said, getting out of my bathroom and brushing my hair.

"Hi everybody!" I said while my mom was giving me my tea and my orange juice when my dad said "Hi!" kissing my mom.

"Aaargh!!!" my little sister of 9 was saying. Her name is Nicky and she isn't always adorable but it's okay, I mean I can stand her.

After 30 minutes it was 8:00 a.m. and I should leave so I said goodbye, took my bag and left the house, closing the door behind me when I saw Bella.

Two weeks after not seeing together, we have lots of things to say!

"Hi Lola, what's up girl??" she said as we were walking to the college, the way wasn't so long and we arrived 20 minutes later.

"Oh nothing special, what about you girl?" I said smiling at her. "Girl" was our nickname.

-"I heard that our horrible neighbor will moving with his family  in a week and a new family will arrive at his house and I broke up with Drake and I have a new phone, but that's all." she answerd. I didn't answerd immediatly but a few minutes ago because I was thinking abut Austin, he will finally leave! I was so happy even we were togother 3 months before broke up when Bell's arrive, it's her second nickname, he cheated on me and we hated each other now, I was telling everything to Bella but not that, it will be so awkward for me and complicated too so I choosed to didn't! 

"Hello, you're here?!?" she said really loud so I answered:

"Yes, sorry I was so excited about your news! Why did you break up with Drake? What happend?!" I said but the bell rang so we went see if we were in the same class. Yes! We were! We sat and waited the end of the presentation of the college, it's our first year, and went to our class.

After two hours, we left because our first day was finish. Our principal teacher looks like normal and nice. We're going to eat chinese in her room and talk about her news.She said that she broke up with her ex because she didn't love him anymore.

I left her at 6:10 p.m. and arrived at home listening to music when Austin gave me back my ipod which was just fell on the floor. I said to him thanks you when he answered:

"You're welcome...hum... I'm moving tomorrow and again I'm so sorry for everything you know: your voice, when I cheated on you!" when he kissed me, it was a bit awkward. He left and I went inside my home trying to forget this. I eated and at 9 p.m. turning the light off I started to sleep.

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