Last First Kiss

Nina and Jessa go to see One Direction, later, she slowly falls for Zayn, was it a mistake?

A Liam FanFiction :)


7. Utter betrayal

Jessa's POV "Please, put me down, Colby!!" I wa shaking, what if Zayn couldn't get here in time?! What would he do?! My thoughts were interrupted by none other than... Zayn. He put his finger to his lips and motioned me to be quiet. I twitched and he smiled. I twitch a lot. Colby turned around and finally set me down, but he handcuffed me to a chair with duct tape over my mouth. Zayn chared and knocked Colby over, then the boys showed up with the girls outside, with the cops. Colby was knocked out, so Zayn ran over to me trying to remove the duct tape, suddenly, the police walked in. "We've caught you red handed! Get off her. Filthy criminal." They mumbled. I shook my head no while screaming, so they set Zayn down. They picked up Colby and drove away. All the boys untied me, uncuffed me, and removed the duct tape, running out to the girls. "Shhh, it's ok. He's in prison now, baby. Shhh." Tiff whispered, stroking my hair. I was sobbing into her, as usual. Zayn walked over and hugged me, refusing to let go. Everyone giggled, even Tiff. "Can we go home? I'm hungry." Niall exclaimed. We all sighed and walked to the car. When we got in, everyone was staring at me. "What's wrong... ?" I asked. They all just kept staring at me, my arm inparticular. "Jessa, don't move." Harry finally whispered. " I started screaming and rolling out onto the ground, everyone laughing hysterically. "It was just a spider." Zayn pointed out. "As you can see, I don't like spiders." I finally said. We all had cookies and milk, well, Nina was lactose-entallerint, and we went to sleep on the couch, me cuddled next to Zayn, waking up to this, He was so cute. Haha, he could sleep through anything, so I've heard, so I sat in him. He didn't wake up. I kissed his nose; nope. I giggled and curled up next to him. 2 hours later- I woke up to the boys staring at me again, so I rolled in the floor screaming. They all laughed at me, me realizing they we're just being creepers. Zayn finally woke up, "babe, SHUTUP. It's like 1 in the morning." He mumbled. "Actually, sleepyhead, it's 1 in the afternoon." I exclaimed. He got up and just laid back down again. "Good lord, Zayn, what's the matter?!" I asked, curiosity written all over my face. Liam coughed, "Hey, Jess? Can I talk to you?" He looked sad, so I slowly nodded and waltzed over to him. He took me into the kitchen so nobody could hear us, "Um, after you went to sleep, l-last night, Zayn went to, to the bar. He, he sort of, uhm, did it, with some girls." Liam looked terrified. "H-how many." I stuttered, un-controllable tears swiftly falling, dripping... Slipping. "F-fourteen." He whimpered. "He's so tired because he's so hungover. I wasn't there, but he called me and asked me to join him. I refused." He continued. "F-f- Fourteen!!??" I literally felt as if my heart broke in to pieces. Then, my vision began fading, gray, to black, I collapsed. "JESSA?! JESSA!!" Liam shouted, then my hearing was gone. I later found out that my heart in fact had shattered into pieces, I'd had a heart attack. -2 hours later I woke up to Zayn crying next to me, my eyes fluttered open, "w-where am I?" I looked down at my hand and tugged away. "Get away from me." I spat. "B-but I-" "NO ZAYN! GO! YOU HURT ME!" I shouted, sitting up. He looked hurt, now more than me, so he stood up and walked away, slowly... Sadly. Liam walked in, "Hai!!" That was our 'thing'. "hai best friend". I said, my voice crackling. "Awww!! Babe,-" he cooed. I smiled, "What happened? To me?" He leaned in and kissed me, softly. I locked his lips and he opened, access granted. He pulled away, "You had a heart attack." Suddenly, my phone rang, "You're giving me a Heart Attack, yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah, baby you got me sick," I looked at it, Liam laughed, trying to hide his smile. "Hay, I'm a directioner, remember?" It was from Zayn, my heart hurt, again. That happens quite often for me, with me. "What's wrong?!" Liam asked grabbing my hand, checking my pulse. That made me cry even more, happily though, thy someone cared so much about me, me the loser, the lame one, once popular, then left behind. He smiled back and hugged me tightly, "I love you, Jessa." He whispered against me neck. "I love you to, best friend." "No, boyfriend." He replied. "Agreed. He took my phone and was so shocked he dropped it on the floor. "I-I'm, so, sorry." He said, in between tears. The doctor walked in and said, "Ms. Parkers? Ah yes, here you are, you are free to leave if you wish to, make good choices." He smiled. "Thanks, Dr. Greann." I mumbled. "Anytime." He waltzed away, Liam picked up my hand and we walked outside to the hallway, Liam covered my eyes and pushed me into a little mini hallway leading outside, "What is it, Beyst Friyend?" I asked making a quirky face. "Stay here while go kick someone's ass." He mumbled, I stopped him and stepped outside, "YOU ASSHOLE!" I whisper-shouted. Then, she flipped me off, the one he was making out with, and Zayn stood up and mumbled something, but all I caught was, "...... Sooo fat!! And........ Ugly ....... The Worst....... Ever!!" Suddenly, from the other end of the hall, we heard gunshots and I fell, then I tasted blood and started coughing, "L-Liam, I, L-Love, Y-You." I coughed up more blood and the last thought in my head was, "Colby,"
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