Last First Kiss

Nina and Jessa go to see One Direction, later, she slowly falls for Zayn, was it a mistake?

A Liam FanFiction :)


5. Signing

We got to the signing and pulled up to the building. Liam kept his toy in the car, and all the girls held hands with them as we walked in the building. "Ewww, Zayn!! Who is that?! She's so... Ugly!!" One girl shouted next to my face. I turned to face her, and without notice, tears began flowing down my face. Zayn looked over at the girl and said, "I love her, you may not be, but a true directioner should be happy for us." You could tell he looked hurt; and so did I. He pulled me aside and told me not to hurt myself. I nodded because my voice was cracking and I couldn't talk. We got to the signing, and their girlfriends sat next to them, Liam on the end. Poor LiLi. Melissa got compliments on her piercing blue eyes, Tiffany got compliments on her blue-black hair, Nina got compliments on her straight smile, and I got... Hate. "OMG!!! She is sooooooo fat!! What happened Zayn?! You like fat ugly bitches now?!" This one girl laughed. As a come back, he lifted up her album with his index and thumb and said, "I'm not signing this, cooties." I couldn't help but laugh, I was trying hard not to, though. The boys smiled and, suddenly, a boy appeared. He looked, odd. He had a hoodie on that covered his face, as if he didn't wanna be noticed. Suddenly, he picked me up by the shoulders and carried me out, Zayn shouting and running after me. All I could think is one word; Colby.
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