Last First Kiss

Nina and Jessa go to see One Direction, later, she slowly falls for Zayn, was it a mistake?

A Liam FanFiction :)


1. On the way :D

I was falling. Slipping. My boyfriend cheated, then he broke up with me. I'm a directioner, so Little Things really helped me, I guess. My name's Jessa. My mom picked it out. 3 years before the crash, the "accident".

Jessa's POV

I was walking to my car, I'm on my way to a one direction concert. I'm super exited, the first time I've been exited since before the funeral. When I was 2, I was all about miniskirts, bows, and sweaters. Now, I like black. I'm going with my best friend, Nina. She, on the other hand, talks about glitter and pink, and other really really annoying things... I dress pretty badass now.
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