Last First Kiss

Nina and Jessa go to see One Direction, later, she slowly falls for Zayn, was it a mistake?

A Liam FanFiction :)


8. L-Liam?

Diagram of the hospital:

) = door
_________ ________
| |______| |
| |
) Hall |
| ______ |
|_________| |________|
Hospital ^ Mental hospital^

~ = beginning of dream

~ (dream)

I woke up in a blood soaked bed, looking around. "Hey babe, it's Zayn, Colby, get the knife..." ~(end if dream)

I woke up to whispers, "please, pease, please..." I heard, it was Liam squeezing my hand, "Liam?" I stuttered, my eyes fluttering open. "Jess!!" He squealed. "I got you something, well, made you something." He smiled, I smiled. He handed me a box, it was a black box, I thought, 'so soon?' I knew there was noooooooooo way he could've proposed so soon, so I untied the purple ribbon and inside was a necklace with a sapphire gem inside. "Oh, Liam! It's beautiful!" I squeaked, throwing my arms around him. He giggled and kissed my cheek, I said, "EHEH!!" And I kissed on the lips instead.
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