Last First Kiss

Nina and Jessa go to see One Direction, later, she slowly falls for Zayn, was it a mistake?

A Liam FanFiction :)


6. Give me an explanation, now

Liam's POV

What the hell just happened?! Who was that?! "Harry, who was that?!" I whisper-yelled. "Colby." He mumbled. "Who's Colby?!" I was getting frustrated. "He's Jessa's ex, after me, of course. He would call her fat and ugly all the time and that she's a whore for still being friends with me. I don't think she is." He replied, pacing. "Oh, alright?! Where is he taking her?!" I was worried now. "Probably the underground pool. Nobody ever goes there. She only dated him because he forced her to..." He trailed off, then continued. "WHERE'S NINA?! WHERE'S EVERYONE?! TIFF? MEL? THE BOYS?!" We didn't know where they were. "Why's he kidnap her?" I asked to break the silence as calmly as I could. "Because, she refused to have sex with him while dating me." He whispered, beginning to cry a little.
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