Dreamland is where all your dreams go when you wake up! But they get shaped into people. Dreamland is in danger and Sophie is the only one to save it.


1. Epilogue

There was a little girl name Ella. She woke up one morning and her mom was standing over her waking her for school. She closed her eyes tighter than anybody ever should and she tried to re-enter her dream. She didn't realize how long she was like that because a week later she opened them and she was in a different place. A place she created because she tried so hard to re-enter her dream. She named the place dream land and used her magic to make all dreams transport here. You should know Ella was very young and had just recieved her powers. She managed to get most of the dreams sent there and assigned them all jobs. But there was always a few stuck and unable to get to dream land. Those Ella names the re-occurring dreams. Dreams always passed the re-occurers and some tried to help them through but very few made it all the way through and most who did were in very bad condition Ella found a way to get them through safely, though. But it was Very dangerous And Ella needed just the right person to do it.
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