Dreamland is where all your dreams go when you wake up! But they get shaped into people. Dreamland is in danger and Sophie is the only one to save it.


2. Creation

A young girl with long brown hair and shining armor dashes past on a white horse. She rides and rides then she comes to an abrupt stop. There is a letter pinned to a post in front of her she reads it. Then rips it off the post and shoves it into one of the bags hanging from the horses saddle. As she rides off the letter falls out and flies back. It reads
"The Forbidden Areas of Sophie Carolyn Granger.
1. Never let her into the kingdom
2. Don't let her pass the forest borders
3. Alexia's village
4.The kingdom of Exhalian
Any gaurd on duty when she escapes. Will be imprisoned and killed. Never let her pass!~The King

I see A bright blue light and I run for it. I then realize that I'm flying towards it. Not fly like angels but fly like I just got thrown at it by a billion pound footbal player. Then darkness I stand up and see a beautiful city. All of the buildings are sparkling like diamonds. I marvel at everything. "Hello" a voice says from behind me. I turn around "Oh hi" I say. "Woah" I say looking at her. Her dress is made of water. Like the ocean and it ripples and sometimes there are big waves that rush down it. But the ground never gets wet. Her face is very pale and her eyes are bright purple. "My name is Ella" she says "Empress of dreamland" I am still standing there in amazement. When I realize she said something "Oh, I'm Sophie .... Of Detroit....I think so this is dreamland and that means-" I say "yes you are a dream" she says smiling at me. Then I think she realizes my amazement with her dress. "Follow me I will get you a dress just as wonderful, but first" we walk through the streets and I notice that nobody else is here. I don't question it though. We walk into a little building with blue crystals on the outside. As I walk through the door Ella goes over to the corner and picks up a big box she takes it to the middle of the room and opens it with a key that hangs from her neck. It opens and she hands me a bottle with blue liquid inside of it. "Drink it." She says. I shrug and drink the whole bottle which surprisingly doesn't take long. I look at her. "Now what?" I ask. She pulls out another smaller bottle this one is green. I take it and drink it all. I look at her and she frowns and hands me a tiny clear bottle. I raise an eyebrow. She nods. I drink it and start to feel funny "how do you feel?" She asks "strange" I say. "Good" she smiles and offers me her hand standing up I grab it and stand up. "Now for that dress" she walks out the door and I follow. We walk a small distance and walk into a large green building once we are inside she steps into another room and comes out with a dress that is made of vines that twist and move. I slip it on and look in a mirror across the room. I look beautiful. "Do you like it?" She asks "yes" I answer "now what will you do?"
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