Prankster |Louis Tomlinson|

You know when you are a little kid people always tell you that if a boy picks on you then they must like you? Well I doubt that's the case here.


1. Arriving.

"Cassidy! Come on! We have to get going!" Harry complains from downstairs.

"I'm a girl. I take my time. Deal with it." I tell him. He rolls his eyes.

"You finally ready?" He asks me, holding out his hand for my suitcase.

"Yes actually I am." I say handing it to him, along with my three other bags.

"I get you are coming to stay with me and Louis for four months, but I mean, how many bags do you need?" I hear a hint of annoyance in his voice.

"I need clothes. Like I said before. I am a girl." I defend.

"I should have just brought you shopping. It would have been so much easier." He says.

"Oh you can still bring me shopping. I can never have too many clothes." I say smiling. Harry rolls his eyes again.

"Lets go Cass. We might get mobbed at the airport." He tells me. I sigh. 

"Your fans get crazy don't they?" I ask as we climb into his car. He smiles.

"Yeah, but we still love them. We always will. They changed our lives. Without them, we wouldn't be where we are today." He tells me. 

"I guess.." I say. "Some of them are mean though." 

"The mean one aren't real fans. If they don't respect us, and our decisions then they were never Directioners in the first place." He has a smile on his face. The support from people made him happy. Harry is, and always has been my best friend. I love seeing him happy. I love it when he is happy, it makes me happy.

"True. Very true. Now lets get to the airport. We have a long flight." I remind him.

"Oh yeah. ugh. Remind me again why you had to move all the way to America?" 

"Spur of the moment thing. Couldn't answer that question if my life depended on it." 

"Good thing your life doesn't depend on it then." He jokes, and we both laugh and head off to the airport.

-skipping car + plane ride-

"Louis said he would grab our bags and meet us by the Starbucks, so lets go before I get recognized." Harry says and we head over to the Starbucks in the airport.

When we get there we're greeted by a big smiling face, a face that I knew all too well.

"What'd you do now Louis?" I ask.  

"I dunno." he says.

"Hey Lou, Where's Cassie's bags?" Harry asks. I look and see he doesn't have them.

"Louis!!" I groan. 

"Welcome back to London, Cassie." He says. Only so I could hear, while Harry went to find my bags.

This was going to be a long four months...

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