Matched (One Direction)

Hi my name is Adison Reel. I'm 17 years old. I love to write poems and I love to read them. But, since the society only kept hundred of everything, I've read all the poems. You see about 70 years ago, apparently the society before us ruined everything. Society told us all the bad things that they did and why everything is how it is now. My grandpa tells me different. I have this one best friend named Harry, and when something unexpected happens, another unexpected thing happens. What happens when love, trust, and friendship is broken?

*If you haven't read the book or at least read the summary of the book,Matched, then you probably don't really know what's going on. Oh well this is my version.*


2. Chapter 2: Harry was right

I smiled and said "I wish." I took my glare off him and waited while we arrived at the building. I step out of the air train with my mom and dad. Harry and his family close behind. I walked in and saw a bunch if people here. I looked around for a table that had my last name on it. Reel it said. I walked over and sat down. They brought out our food when everybody arrived. It was really good, not like the food they give us every day because that food is terrible and disgusting. We eat for performance and health. Not for taste. I look over and see some girl not eating. I see her pull out her tablet and take the green pill. She still doesn't eat. Wow that tablet is supposed to make you worry free and not care about anything. I guess it didn't do much for her.

As they started to tell us how everything worked, I just started to think about who my match will hopefully look like. They go in alphabetical order so I won't be called for a while. The next letter is B and one of my best friends name gets called. "Dani Bell we are pleased to present you with your match, Liam Payne." They said. I look up at the screen and see a very good looking guy. I look at Dani and she just smiles and sits back down. "Congratulations." They said. They did a very good job matching them. They look very good together. 2 more of my best friends name was called. Candi Miller and Destini Stone. Candi with Zayn Malik and Destini with Louis Tomlinson. I totally forgot about Harry. I was next, no time to think. I took a deep breath and stood up. "Adison Reel we are pleased to present you with your match........Harry Styles."
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