Matched (One Direction)

Hi my name is Adison Reel. I'm 17 years old. I love to write poems and I love to read them. But, since the society only kept hundred of everything, I've read all the poems. You see about 70 years ago, apparently the society before us ruined everything. Society told us all the bad things that they did and why everything is how it is now. My grandpa tells me different. I have this one best friend named Harry, and when something unexpected happens, another unexpected thing happens. What happens when love, trust, and friendship is broken?

*If you haven't read the book or at least read the summary of the book,Matched, then you probably don't really know what's going on. Oh well this is my version.*


1. Chapter 1: Match Banquet

"Now that I've found the way to fly, which direction should I go into the night? My wings aren't white or feathered; they're green, made of green silk, which shudders in the wind and bends when I move-first in a circle, then in a line, finally in a shape of my own invention. The black behind me doesn't worry me; neither do the stars ahead."

I smiled at myself, all the foolishness in that poem. Thinking people could fly, so silly. People can't fly, and even before the Society, people couldn't fly. I've heard a lot of myths about them, all though I did see a painting once. White wings, white cloths, blue sky, and a gold circle around their heads. I saw at the bottom of the picture: "White Angels". So I'm guessing they are called angels? Oh well, I need to get ready for my match banquet. See, before the Society, people could pick the people they wanted to be with for the rest of their life. But Society decides who you are matched with. Right now I'm doing my hair for the Match Banquet. I'm curling it. We also aren't allowed to have curling irons, straightening irons, well lets just say any type of iron. We wear plain cloths, which is brown shirt, brown jacket, brown socks, brown pants, and brown shoes. Brown everything but tonight we got to pick the dress we got to wear and what color it would be. The only thing that can really have a lot of color in it is our hair. Mine is dark, dark brown with red underneath it and light blonde highlights. It goes a couple of inches above my elbows. I put on my dress which is green and strapless. It has sparkles on it and it flows out from the waist down. I have on green high heels, about an inch off the ground though. As I walk out of my house with my mom and dad, I see my best friend I have known since I was in first school. He smiles at me showing his dimples. I smile back. Him and his family walk over to where we are. My mom and his mom greet each other with a smile and hug. My dad and his just shake hands and then we all aboard the air train. My sister Sam, Samantha, can't go to my match banquet tonight because she is only 12 and you have to be 17 and older to go. I sit next to Harry when the air train starts to move.

Me: "Are you nervous?"
Harry: "Not really, a little, but not as much as you." He said with a tease in his voice. He can tell that I am freaking out over this. Wow he knows me so well.
Me:"Shut up Harry!" I say and smile. He smiles back and takes my hand.
Harry: "Why are you nervous?"
Me: "Because Harry, the person that appears on that screen tonight, I will spend the rest of my life with!"
Harry: "Adis-" I cut him off
Me: "And plus I can realize why you wouldn't be nervous, your handsome and the girl you get tonight will be beautiful." You see Society only pronounces the girls name then the guy that wll be their match appears on the screen. So, it's kinda like the boys are not expecting to get their names called. They have to wait.
Harry: "Don't worry, don't be nervous, think about the positive things. He kisses the top of my hand and turns away facing the window. I turn to him to see the sun shining on his face. He is gorgeous and the girl he gets will be the luckiest girl in the world. He sees my glare and turns to me and smiles. He gets closer and whispers in my ear.
Harry: "The guy that will appear on your screen tonight, could be me."
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