That One Special Guy

HI this is my first book so i hope you guys like it! :)

This book is about a girl named Alexandria (Alie for short) and her best friend Bailey When they go on a trip to London and never forget it... They find that they are in love with two boys from the band One Direction and some Jealousy comes between them, Read more in the book 'That One Special Guy'!


11. We're Here!

*Niall's P.O.V*

 When we get done getting ready I put on my shoes and wait for Alie. She comes out about 10 seconds later and has a beautiful casual dress on with sequins on the collar and at the way bottom, her dress was white and she had her hair just perfect and she had white flats on with little flowers on the toe, and she was just perfect. The best thing was, was she wasn't wearing any make-up."Wow." Is all I can say, and she blushes."You ready?" I ask me,"Yup, just let me get the key." She grabs the key to her apartment and we both walk out to my room so I can get dressed. I don't wear anything fancy kinda what Alie did, I just put on some khaki's and my red polo shirt and some white high top shoes and i'm ready. I walk out of my apartment and see Alie waiting for me,"Lets go." I say to her and she nods and follows me. I take her hand in mine and we walk like that all the way to the lobby and then we let go because of Harry.Alie walks over to Harry and hugs him and kisses him on the cheek, I don't mind because I know she's gonna break up with him after the first movie."How's my baby?" Harry asks Alie."Fine, How are you?" she asks him back, he smiles,"Fine Baby." and kisses the top of her head."So who's driving?!?" Zayn yells."I will I guess Louis says speaking up.


*Mia's P.O.V*

 I've never really noticed Lou talk a lot and look at me i'm just standing here staring at him. I finally am back to Earth and Lou noticed me and winked at me, wow he is really cute. as we all sit in the car the only spot left is the passenger seat so i just sit there next to Lou."Hey." I say awkwardly,"Didn't get in the car to quickly I see?" he asks me,"Nope guess not." I giggle out. He smiles back. Once we get to the movies I notice that Alie pulls Harry to the side to talk to him.


*Alie's P.O.V*

"Harry can we talk alone." I say to him once we get there. "Yea sure, Is everything OK?" He wonders,"Yea every things fine." I say with a smile. We walk over so we aren't around the boys or Mia and I finally get to say it."Harry?"

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