That One Special Guy

HI this is my first book so i hope you guys like it! :)

This book is about a girl named Alexandria (Alie for short) and her best friend Bailey When they go on a trip to London and never forget it... They find that they are in love with two boys from the band One Direction and some Jealousy comes between them, Read more in the book 'That One Special Guy'!


6. Swimming and Recognizing

After I got done texting Harry I noticed it was already 5. So I rush into mine and Mia's room and tell her that we're going swimming with some people,"Who...What people, We don't know anyone out here?" She asked me,"some one I met at the store I think you will love and he's bringing four friends of his so get ready we need to leave at 6:25!" I say to her getting exited she nods and gets ready.

By the time shes done its 6:20,"What took you so long?" I say confused,"I took a shower." She says all happily,"Uhm I don't wanna ask but why would you take a shower when we are going to the pool?" "Oh uhm good question I felt like it." she says all snobby sticking her tongue out at me, I do the same and then we leave for the pool.

When we get there I notice five boys that look familiar to me. Mia screams and runs up to them. Why would she- "YOUR ONE DIRECTION!" she screams that's it, that's why I know them. "So she loves us!" Zayn says not surprised, "Yup, she has pictures in her locker and in her room of you." I say chuckling."Shh!" she whisper yells in my ear. I giggle.

"So are we gonna swim or not!" Liam says breaking the silence. Thank God it was awkward. Liam jumps in with Mia following and then Harry then me, then the rest of the boys all at once."Mia has a thing for Liam huh?" Harry says nudging me, I look over to them to see them just in the corner talking, laughing and hugging." I guess they both are into each other." I say laughing. We end up getting out of the pool and and going back to mine and Mia's apartment.

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