That One Special Guy

HI this is my first book so i hope you guys like it! :)

This book is about a girl named Alexandria (Alie for short) and her best friend Bailey When they go on a trip to London and never forget it... They find that they are in love with two boys from the band One Direction and some Jealousy comes between them, Read more in the book 'That One Special Guy'!


9. Maybe He's Better

*Mia's P.O.V*

 I wake up in Liam's arms and i'm so comfortable I never want to leave."Morning Beautiful." Liam calls out."Morning." I say back smiling.


*Alie's P.O.V* 

 When I wake up I see Niall cuddling me and smiling down at me."Morning gorgeous!" He compliments me,"Morning Handsome!" I compliment him back and he laughs."So what are we gonna do today?" I ask him,"I was hoping stay like this." he says with a smile. I laugh," Well that would be boring maybe we could go to the movies later?" I ask him, He nods,"That would be awesome!" "Yea and maybe we could see a comedy movie with everyone and that way I could tell Harry that we might need to see other people and then after everyone leaves we could see a horror movie together?" I ask him," That's a PERFECT idea!" he says empathizing the Perfect. I get up and start to make pancakes, eggs and a little bacon. While i'm almost done I feel muscular arm wrap around me, Niall."Hey babe." he says it so cute with his Irish accent."Hey." I say back and look at him and he kisses me passionately. Maybe he is the one for me and not Harry. Once we finish eating we call up the boys and Mia and schedule when to go to see that movie. "They all said they were free now." Niall tells me," Great, let's go get ready and meet them in the lobby.

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