That One Special Guy

HI this is my first book so i hope you guys like it! :)

This book is about a girl named Alexandria (Alie for short) and her best friend Bailey When they go on a trip to London and never forget it... They find that they are in love with two boys from the band One Direction and some Jealousy comes between them, Read more in the book 'That One Special Guy'!


15. Back from the Interview with a Bloody Surprise

*Harry's P.O.V*

After Alie left i'm sitting in the pool. I start to cry. "Why would she slap me?" I say to myself quietly. I got an idea and ran out the door from the pool only grabbing my key, knowing this idea will work since the rest of the boys went to an interview with Mia. I run into the bathroom once I get inside and find the pack of razors that Mia brought over since shes been over here a lot lately. I take out the sharpest one and turn on hot water. I soak the razor in the water, This is my first time doing this so I just wing it. I put the razor up to my wrist and start to cut. I wince and keep going, I notice that I've been doing it for a while and stop 'cause it's really deep. I look at the blood and faint.


*Louis's P.O.V*

We enter the hotel and I have to say that Interview was quite boring. I unlock the door and as soon as I walk in I hear the water from the bathroom running and the light is on. I go in tho shut everything off and I see Harry in a pool of blood."LIAM, MIA, GET OVER HERE NOW!" I shout over to them. They both look at each other terrified and rush over."OH MY FUCKING GOD!" Mia yells."We need to get him to the hospital now!" Liam yells trying to stay calm. We dial an ambulance and pick Harry up to go to the lobby. I look back and the way we came in the hallway is filled with blood. I hear some fans scream and ask what's wrong or what happened to Harry, but we obviously ignored them.Once we get down in the lobby, the ambulance is there. I decide to call Niall and tell him to meet us at the hospital."Hello?" I hear him say like he was just asleep."NIALL WE NEED YOU AT THE HOSPITAL...NOW!!!" I yell into the phone."WHY What happened?!?!" Niall yells sounding scared. "DON'T MIND I, JUST COME NOW!" I yell back and hangup.

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