That One Special Guy

HI this is my first book so i hope you guys like it! :)

This book is about a girl named Alexandria (Alie for short) and her best friend Bailey When they go on a trip to London and never forget it... They find that they are in love with two boys from the band One Direction and some Jealousy comes between them, Read more in the book 'That One Special Guy'!


19. 5 Years Later

*Alie's P.O.V*

              It's been 5 years since Harry's been to the hospital with his bad cut. I asked him why he did it and he said it's because he still loved me. "You're serious?" I ask him. "Yeah, I accually REALLY love you still." he tells me. theres an awkward silance with me just staring at him and he just blurts out,"You know what I don't even know why I'm telling you this, I know I have to get over yoiu bacause you're with Niall." I just stand there shocked and finally talk,"No Harry, it's fine you can tell me anything I still love you but, not the same way you love me, I love you as a brother." I see a tear roll down his cheek and I run up and hug him. I took one look at him and kiss him. And he kisses me it turns into this whole make out session, and then Harry takes his shirt off. I dont know why I'm doing this but I hope it will make me get over him. I start to take my jeans off and and my Aeropastle shirt. All I had on was my bra and underwear and Harry started taking off his jeans. Good thing Niall was on a guys night out with his old friend or he would probably walk in. Harry takes off my bra, not moving his lips. and he takes my underwear off and then his. I shove him on my bed, just wanting to get this over with. I climb on top of him and start makeing out with him again I can feel his boner just right on my stomach. He's trying to find his way in. Once he does he starts grinding his hips into me, he moans loudly.


*Harry's P.O.V*

             I can't beleive she accually had sex with me. I mean I knew she loved me as a brother, but not like that.


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