Just Some Small Town Girls

Grace is like any other small town 18 year old. She goes to school, plays sports, and has best friends. Her and her bff/cousin want to go to London for the summer and their parents say yes. Never did she and her cousin imagine they would meet the famous Harry Styles and Niall Horan, or find love.



Jarah's POV

I took Niall back and I'm glad that I did.  He said he had a surprise for me tomorrow night and I am so excited.  I can't figure out which outfit to wear!  I'm having Grace help.

" Grace!!!" I yelled at her.  She came walking in looking tired as ever.  Her and Harry were taking a nap so she was in her Hollister sweats and a tank top.  Her hair was in a messy bun.

" What?" She asked.  I pointed to my closet and she knew what I needed.  She walked in my closet and came back out with an outfit.  She picked a simple black dress a little over the knee with sparkles at the bottom.  It was tight fitting.  She picked out a pair of my favorite sparkly heels.

" There." She said.  After that she walked out of the room almost falling over because she was so tired.  I set the outfit on my dresser and took a shower.  After my shower I straightened my hair.  I put on a little makeup.  I wore some shorts from Areopostale and a a shirt from there also.  I walked in Grace's room and saw her and Harry snuggled up, both fast asleep.  I walked to her closet, grabbed her sanuks, put them on, and walked out.

I walked down to the kitchen and, as usual, Niall was in the kitchen.  He had his back turned so I couldn't see what he was eating.  I turned him around and realized why he had his back turned.

" My twinkies!!!" I yelled at him as I grabbed the empty box of twinkies.  He laughed half of one in his mouth and the other half in his hand. " I can't believe you......" I said as I gave him a death glare.

" My twinkies!!!!!" I heard Grace yell from behind me.  You can tell we're related.

" Haha!" Niall laughed.  I guess he don't know that it is about to get serious. 

" I know you didn't...." Grace said.  After she said that she took off running at Niall, but he started running from her.  I chased him too.  He ran out the back door and towards the pool.  When we got out there he had a devilish grin on his face and had the twinkie held above the pool.  Me and Grace started running towards him but he put his hand out and we stopped.

" One more step, and I'll drop it."  Me and Grace stood still.  I started grinning when I saw Harry sneaking behind Niall.  He grabbed the twinkie and pushed Niall into the pool.  Harry took off with the twinkie and Grace and I chased after him.  He ran down to the beach until there was nowhere else to run.  Me and Grace jumped on him and started wrestling him for the twinkie.

I got the twinkie but before I could eat it Grace was wrestling for it.  When we fight, it is hilarious to watch. I ended up biting her and she bit me back.  We tore it in half and ate it.  When we got back in Niall was on the couch wearing Grace's short shorts and her tank top.  He had his hair up in a towel like Grace does when she gets out of the shower.  We all laughed at him.  Grace went up stairs and put on a pair of her short shorts, a tank top, and her hair in a towel.  They took a pic and she put it on Instagram.( my instagram is @grace21jones).  After that twinkie war, we called the boys and they all came over and we watched some movies.

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