Just Some Small Town Girls

Grace is like any other small town 18 year old. She goes to school, plays sports, and has best friends. Her and her bff/cousin want to go to London for the summer and their parents say yes. Never did she and her cousin imagine they would meet the famous Harry Styles and Niall Horan, or find love.


12. Short Chapter

Harry's POV

We went back inside and dried our hair and got into some comfy clothes.  I let her wear some of my sweats.  We went downstairs and sat next to Niall and Jarah.  He had her face in his hands and they were looking into each others eyes.

Niall's POV

We were waiting for Harry and Grace to come down and I saw Jarah look a little bit sad.

" Something bothering you?" I asked her.  She shook her head no.  I took her face in my hands and stared into her lovely eyes.  She was so beatiful.  Maybe she was just tired.

Grace and Harry came down and we watched Toy Story.  Grace chose it and I knew instantly that her and Liam would get along.  Then I thought......

" THE BOYS!!" I screamed and it made them all jump.

" We have to go see them tomorrow!" Harry said.  We all got tired and went to bed.  I was laying on my bed and Jarah came and snuggled up to me.  We instantly fell asleep.


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