Just Some Small Town Girls

Grace is like any other small town 18 year old. She goes to school, plays sports, and has best friends. Her and her bff/cousin want to go to London for the summer and their parents say yes. Never did she and her cousin imagine they would meet the famous Harry Styles and Niall Horan, or find love.


8. Short Chapter, Sorry.

Jarah's POV

Me and Niall have been dating for a week now and it is the same with Grace and Harry.  It was time for us to leave to the beach house.  Harry and Niall were at a concert and we were moving.  I could see the house in the view.  It was amazing.  I saw the other house as we passed and it seemed two times bigger than ours, but ours was still really big.  We get inside and see four big bedrooms, a huge kitchen, a pool out back, and an enormous living room.  We went straight to our luggage and got out our swim suits.  I wore a plain blue bikini and Grace wore the same one but in red.  We get down to the beach and it wasn't as full as I thought. We decided to tan instead of going in.  We found a nice place and sat our stuff up.  We played some music and sat down.  We were talking when two guys came up to us.  When I saw who one of them was, my jaw just dropped.

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