Just Some Small Town Girls

Grace is like any other small town 18 year old. She goes to school, plays sports, and has best friends. Her and her bff/cousin want to go to London for the summer and their parents say yes. Never did she and her cousin imagine they would meet the famous Harry Styles and Niall Horan, or find love.


19. Memories

Jarah's POV I put on the dress Grace picked out and met Niall downstairs.We went to a nice restaurant and met Zayn and Perrie.  I really like Perrie. She is just like me in so many ways, plus Grace has been hanging out with Eleanor lately, I think it's because she has been her role model since forever. -back at the house Niall's POV Me and Jarah went to her house and watched some movies.  We made popcorn and started a new movie.  Jarah started giggling randomly.

" What's so funny?" I asked her while poking her side.  She smiled really big.

" Today when me and Grace were wrestling, I remembered when we were little.  Our dads and her brother Drake would be watching the Razorbacks on tv and at half time, me and Grace would wrestle. It was so fun because we didn't know any wrestling moves or anything.  When we were about 12 Grace started boxing.  She quit and I started it.  Then we both took Ju Jitsu and learned a lot. When we were 12 and 13 we fought a lot for fun and I miss the way we were. After that we kind of got busy with other friends and sports. Last summer we started hanging out again and I'm glad I did" she said with a smile on her face.

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