Plane Crash with One Direction

One Directions gets in a plane crash. Who will live and who will die? What will they have to do to survive.


2. The Aftermath


I brought him up to the surface. Liam found a raft in the water so he pulled everyone in, including Niall and I.   It was only the boys, the beautiful girl I saw in the plane, and I. We had to do something fast before it was to late for Niall. 

"SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING!" I screamed at them with tears in my eyes, which you couldn't tell cause it was still raining. 

The girl rushed over to Niall and I. She pushed me away and checked his pulse. 

"He's still breathing" She said, then she ripped open his shirt and started to press hard on his stomach. She did that a few times then she leaned down and pressed her lips against his. She was doing CPR. After about 5 minuets she stopped on looked at us. With the saddest look I have ever seen.

"NO! HE CAN'T DIE!!!" I screamed at her

Liam ran over to him and pushed her out of the way, nearly knocking her out of the raft. He began hitting Nialls' chest.

"DON'T LEAVE US!! He screamed

I don't know what I would do without Niall. He's my best friend and apart of me. Just then Nialls' eyes got shot open and coughed up buckets of salt water.

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