Plane Crash with One Direction

One Directions gets in a plane crash. Who will live and who will die? What will they have to do to survive.


3. Meeting Him


I saw Niall laying there and coughing up salt water. Harry and the boys went over to care for him. Then Harry came up to me and gave me a big huge and said thank you.

"Are you ok Niall?!" Liam said

"yes" he said 

We could barely hear him over the rough waves and storm. The storm was still going on so we just sat there like ducks, in the middle of the ocean. We saw the plane sink into the dark abyss and that's when I got really scared. I just laid down and closed my eyes.

I awoke to water getting splashed in my face from a big wave.I must have fallen asleep because it was sunny. 

I got up in a flash and looked around. Nothing, nothing for miles but water. That's when it hit me, we were stuck out here all alone with nothing. I felt a slight tap on my shoulder I freaked out and fell into the water.

"It's just me, Harry" Harry said

I totally forgot that there was other people on the raft. Harry helped me back into the raft. The water was freezing. He grabbed my hand and pulled me up onto the raft. 

"Sorry I didn't mean to startltle you" He said

"That's ok i'm just a little shaken up" I said to him

"What's your name?" He asked me

"Loren" I said to him

                                                                HARRY'S P.O.V.

I woke up and saw her standing there looking out at the ocean. She looked so beautiful with her long brown hair swaying in the wind. I decided to go over and introduce myself, since we will probably be stuck here for a long time. When I tapped her shoulder she got scared and fell into the water. I quickly grabbed her hand and pulled her up. 

I looked into her eyes and said "We have six people on this boat and when we get home I want there to be six"

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