I wanna be yours 👄

Savannah has just learned that Louis Tomlinson from One Direction is her cousin....and she's psyched!! She absolutely loves them, and she fancies Liam romantically. But, he's in a relationship with Danielle which only makes it harder. To make matters worse, Liam practically avoids her when possible. Then a curly-haired cutie steps in and falls for Savannah......HARD! Is there anyway she can ignore how hard her heart beats in her chest when she even thinks about Liam by a kiss from Harry?


6. Where am I?

I was awoken by my own scream of a terrible nightmare I had last night where Harry got shot.... I opened my eyes, squinting at the bright lights as I made out figures surrounding me. Where am I? Who are they? "Where am I?", I asked. "We'll take care of you don't worry dear", someone said to me, sounding fa away, but I knew they had to be close by. "WHERE AM I? WHO ARE YOU? WHAT HAPPENED?", I screamed confused. "Hun, you are at the hospital. I'm your nurse, Michelle and what happened was...you were you see your friend Harry styles he was shot..and so were you. But I promise you everything's going to be alright", Michelle explained. Someone walked in the door...so,done familiar but I couldn't put my finger on it.... "Are you doin alright, cus?", the voice asked. "Wwwho are you?, I asked. "Louis Tomlinson your cousin. Don't you remember me?", he said. "No sorry I don't think I've ever met you before....", I explained. "Nurse! Why?", Louis asked. "Louis, she is highly comfused right now but this should only last for a few more days...the shot put her brain into a shock which affected her memory, so she should regain it soon though", the nurse explained. Next, a woman entered my room crying as she ran over to me. "I'm your mother.........how do you not remember me?", she said trembling. I soon drifted asleep, awoken by a really attractive curly haired boy in a hospital gown. 

"Say you remember me...please Savananh", he begged. 

"W..who are you?", I said. 

"It's me...Harry!", he said.

Then he sang to me "From One Direction: um, "Baby You light up my world like nobody else the way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed but when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell you don't know you don't know you're beautiful", 

"HARRRRRRRY!", I yelled, magically regaining my memory. 

"You remember me now?", he said in tears of joy. 

"Yes, you saved my life and I love you Harry!", I said kissing him. 

"Savannah, I love you too with all of my heart.", he responded making me feel all warm and special inside. 

Is this what love feels like? Am I falling in love with Harrry Styles?!

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