I wanna be yours 👄

Savannah has just learned that Louis Tomlinson from One Direction is her cousin....and she's psyched!! She absolutely loves them, and she fancies Liam romantically. But, he's in a relationship with Danielle which only makes it harder. To make matters worse, Liam practically avoids her when possible. Then a curly-haired cutie steps in and falls for Savannah......HARD! Is there anyway she can ignore how hard her heart beats in her chest when she even thinks about Liam by a kiss from Harry?


3. What are we now.......

(Harry's point of view)

Damn.  That girl was an amazing kisser and my heart was racing so fast I could feel it pounding in my chest.  Now, I had to make her mine.  With every other girl, it would be easy.   But with Savannah, it was going to take alot of convincing.  She was deffinently playing hard to get, and i'm not sure what turned me on more- that or the fact that her beautiful long blond curly hair she gently tucked behind her ears and her blue eyes which sparkled every time she smiled, I wasn't sure I just knew I wanted her, I needed her. 

(Savannah's pov)

Did Harry Styles just kiss me? Why?  I mean, I like Harry and I find him attractive, but what about Liam?  What about the endless hours every day I spent before daydreaming and fangirling over Liam?  Was I just going to let that slip out of my mind, and fall for Harry?  I mean, I could totally have Harry in the palm of my hand...which would be pretty fun. But, I couldn't do that to Harry, could I? 

I finally slipped the first thing that came to mind.  "Let's...just pretend this never happened?", I said.  Harry looked a little upset. 

"Um okay.  The kiss wasn't that bad was it?", he said. 

"No not at all.  I just don't know.....what happens next.  I really am not ready for a relationship yet Harry", I said. 

"Ok, not yet?", Harry said trying to flirt with me.  I on the other hand was a master at flirting, so I could easily lead him on.  There's nothing wrong with that, or is there..?  Yes there is!  I'm not gonna act like a little slut. 

Then, he slowly closed the door to my room, and walked out carefully walking upstairs, his footsteps I could hear through the walls.  

Shit, what did I do?  I could have Harry all to myself!  Wait what am I thinking?  I always seem to go head over heels too quickly, then end up getting hurt.  And let's face it:  Harry's trouble.  I fell asleep , and was awaken the next morning to the sound of pots and pans obnoxiuosly banging in the kitchen.  I headed upstairs, not even caring that I was still in my pajamas, and saw Louis and Harry standing there making a complete mess of the tiny outdated room we had to call a kitchen.

"Morning", Louis said.  

"Morning Savannah", Harry said staring at me and giving me a little smile. 

"Since I know absolutley basically nothing about you, and you're my cousin, tell me what there is to know", Louis said over breskfast. 

"Well, I'm 17, I'm an only child, I live with my mom, what else do you wanna know?", I asked. 

"I don't know.  Ooh, do you have a boyfriend?", he asked. 

"No not anymore", I said. 

"Details?", Louis asked.  Now normally I wouldn't tell any of my cousins this, but we are talking about Louis Tomlinson from One Direction, so it's kinda...dramatically differant.  Sorry but I still fricking worship them. 

"Well, we were dating for a few months, and I really loved him. Then he broke my heart, which has happened in every single relationship i've ever been in", I said. 

"That's fucked up", Louis said. 

"Well, my life is so yah", I said. 

"Except for the fact that i do have the best cousin ever", I added and Louis smiled. 

"Well, I've been told i'm fabulous", he said.  I smiled back, and then the doorbell rang. 

"Oh it's Eleanor", Louis said answering the door and kissing his beautiful girlfriend,  Harry then pulling her in for a tight hug.  


"Eleanor, this is um Savannah my cousin", Louis said refuting to me who just had entered the room. "Hi savannah it's nice to finally meet you", Eleanor said shaking my hand. "It's nice to meet you too, Eleanor", I said. "So can we actually do something today?", Harry asked. That made me laugh a little, but today it seamed like...Harry was keeping his distance. So being the girl I am, I called him out on it. "Harry you don't have to avoid me now babe", I said. "Well that definently won't be a problem, I thought you wanted me to...stay away", he said. "Harry, I'm still your friend and I still think you're cute I'm just not looking for a relationship right now", I said and he nodded. "Hello you two? Get dressed so we can actually do something today", Louis said. "Ok ok fine", Harry whined and I trampled down the steps to my room, beginning to get undressed. I slipped all of my clothes off, and put them into the hamper. Then, I pulled out some clothing to wear, and put it on. I decided on short-shorts the good butt ones, and a vneck tank top. Then, I went into the bathroom, straightened my naturally curly hair, applied some makeup, threw on a pair of flats, and rejoined everyone upstairs. "How long does it freaking take you to get ready?", Harry asked. "You try straightening curly hair", I said. "Believe me, my hair was straightened once and...", Harry said, interrupted by Louis. "You cried like a little girl", Louis added in. "Did not!", Harry said even though the point of even trying to argue with Louis was absolutely hopeless. "Ok can we go yet?", Harry asked.
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