I wanna be yours ๐Ÿ‘„

Savannah has just learned that Louis Tomlinson from One Direction is her cousin....and she's psyched!! She absolutely loves them, and she fancies Liam romantically. But, he's in a relationship with Danielle which only makes it harder. To make matters worse, Liam practically avoids her when possible. Then a curly-haired cutie steps in and falls for Savannah......HARD! Is there anyway she can ignore how hard her heart beats in her chest when she even thinks about Liam by a kiss from Harry?



"I absolutely love One Direction!", I say out loud to myself. "SAVANNAH?!", my mother yells from the kitchen the sound booming off of the walls. "Be right there mum", I said taking a few minutes to make myself look....presentable. When I headed upstairs, my heart stopped for a moment and my voice went mute. There I saw him. The feeling was surreal! Finally when my legs weren't numb anymore and my knees weren't locked up tight as before, I approached him screaming. As I hugged him closely, I said "This can't be happening!". I was hugging Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. He was in MY house! "Savanna you're not gonna believe me when I tell you this but.... We're cousins!". Wwwwait..... Backing up. Did Louis Tomlinson really just say that we're cousins? I was struggling to breath. Each breath hurt, and I was only getting gasps of air at a time, "Oh my god!", I screamed. "Are you lying?", I said, my breaths becoming normal again. "And how do you know my name?!", I blurted out, feeling very curious and ambitious, "I'm not lying cousin! And I only know your name because my mum told me before I came to visit with the others...", he said, opening the door to four smiling, beautiful faces which belonged to Zayn, Liam, Niall, and Harry. I screamed, running over to them. In all fairness, I rushed into Liam's arms first. I was kinda in love with him.....then I made it around to the other boys, and I was still screaming. I just met the five boys that are my life, and they finally know I exist. I finally calmed down, and caught Harry totally checking me out.  I looked the other way, wishing those were Liam's eyes watching me, yet I did find Harry pretty attractive too.  I blushed, then turned the other way, facing my cousin. 

"Um, we're taking you out to dinner Savannah if that's okay with you?", Niall asked.  I nodded in delight. 

"Yes I would love to.  I'm just gonna...change", I said, looking down at my yoga pants and v-neck shirt, and catching wandering eyes looking at my chest- Harry's. 

I went into my room, and pulled out my tight black dress which showed off my curves really well.  Then, I threw on a pair of heels, grabbed my purse and heard a knock on my door.  I anwsered to see Harry standing there.  Who else?

"You look..woow", he said, with his eyes glancing up and down my body a few times. 

"Thanks", I said.  He walked inot my room, and saw the multiple One Direction posters I had covering the majority of my room. 

He laughed a little, and then looked at me. 

"Liam your favourite?", he asked, reffuring to the wall totally devoted to Liam. 

"Um, ya.  I guess but I love you all", I said.  He put an arm around my sholder, and said "You ready to go?". 

"Yah", I said, my cheeks burning from the excessive amount of smiling.  But I couldn't stop, that smile was litterly glued to my face. 

We met the other boyds in the car, and I sat in between Liam and Harry.  

I was blushing, and I couldn't stop when Liam sat down next to me.  He said "babe are you ok?". 

DID LIAM JUST CALL ME BABE?  No, Savannah stop.  Do you know how many girls he calls babe?  So what, it's not like he says that to EVERYONE.  Just don't freak out or he'll think i'm....creepy.  These thoughts all rushed through my head as I struggled for words to say, my tongue feeling unbelivably dry, and my brain numb. 

"I..I'm fine it's just I can't believe i'm actually here right now...and you're my favourite member, if I had to choose.  He smiled and put his arm around me. 

"Does this make you freak out?", he said. 

"A little", I said.  "Ok, mayne a lot", I said.  He laughed, and we pulled into a resturant, one that I've always been dying to dine at but my mother has never been able to afford. 

When we got inside the resturant, we all sat down at the table, me inbetween Harry and Louis, Zayn next to Louis, Niall next to Zayn, and Liam next to Harry. 

"Hello, my name is Abby and i'll be your waitress.  Can I start you off with some drinks?", the waitress said in a tone that sounded like "I was supposed to leave an hour ago but I still have to work and I hate my job". 

The night went on from there and for the most part it was fantastic.  Then, Liam excused himself from the table. 

"I have to take this", he said, getting up from the table. And I won't lie, I watched him walk away. 


LIAM's Point Of View----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

It was my girlfriend Danielle I had just gotten back together with.  I truly had to convince her to take me back, so that means every second counted. 

"Hello love", I said answering the call. 

"Hey Liam", she said, her sweet voice on the other end of the phone. 

"Where are you?", she asked. 

"I'm eating dinner with the boy's and Louis's cousin", I reaponded trying to sound as polite as possible.

"Oh", she said. 

"Did you need something Danielle?", I said. 

"I was wondering if you could come over to my house tonight for a movie night", she asked. 

"Sorry babe, maybe tomorrow?", I said, hoping she was ok with this. 

"Ok maybe", she said sounding a little upset. 

"Is everything ok?", I asked, concerned. 

"Yah don't worry i'm fine", she said. 

"Ok well I love you", I told her meaning it.  Danielle was the lovve of my life and I wanted nobody else.  But then there was Savannah....

"Love you too", she said, hanging up the phone slightly before me. 






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