I wanna be yours 👄

Savannah has just learned that Louis Tomlinson from One Direction is her cousin....and she's psyched!! She absolutely loves them, and she fancies Liam romantically. But, he's in a relationship with Danielle which only makes it harder. To make matters worse, Liam practically avoids her when possible. Then a curly-haired cutie steps in and falls for Savannah......HARD! Is there anyway she can ignore how hard her heart beats in her chest when she even thinks about Liam by a kiss from Harry?


2. Seriously......

{Savannah's pov}

I watched Liam as he headed back to the table and headed back to his seat.
"Who was that?" Harry asked curiously.
"Danielle", he said.
"Did you get back together?", Niall asked.
"Yea", Liam said avoiding any and all possible eye contact with me. The whole way back to my place he wouldn't even look at me.
When we said goodbye, aside from the autograph and picture, it seamed forced.
"Me and Harry are staying here ok?", Louis told me.
"Yah that's fine", I told Louis faking a smile. It really hurt that I got overly excited when Liam called me babe, or when he put his arm around me and it meant nothing.

"Oh and Savannah?", Harry said in a raspy voice.
"Harry?", I replied.
"Your mom left you this note", he said handing it to me.
It read:
: Savannah, your aunt isn't doing so well. She needed someone to take care of her last minute so I'll be there for a week. Sorry I couldn't say goodbye, call me and Louis and Harry will take care of you. Love mom:

I went into my room and got changed into my pajamas. Then, I headed into the living room and found Harry and Louis watching tv, Louis snoring because he was passed out on the couch. Harry came with me downstairs into my room, and we chatted for awhile, then took some pictures.
"You know, you're a really pretty girl", Harry said reaching towards me. I backed away.
"What's the matter?", Harry asked.
"Listen Harry I'm not about to become one of your one night stands so you can stop trying", I said sounding angry.
"Savannah babe, I don't have one night stands I swear I'm not like that! I just think you deserve a man who would treat you right", he said wrapping an arm around me like Liam did earlier.
"Sorry Harry, I just have so much on my mind, and I'm not an easy girl by any means when it comes to love", I said.
"No I understand. I just wanna be....your friend I guess for now", he said. I nodded, even smiled a little which wasn't conceived at all.
"So, is it Liam?", he asked.
"I just...didn't know he was still with Danielle and then he completely ignores me the rest of the night", I said.
Harry stroked my cheek, moving my blond curly hair out of my face.
" You know what no, Liam doesn't deserve you for that but I know someone who does", Harry said flashing me a cheeky smile.
"And who's that?", I asked. He smiled as I poked his cheek. "Me", he said. Before I knew it, his lips were pressed against mine and my world stopped.
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