I wanna be yours 👄

Savannah has just learned that Louis Tomlinson from One Direction is her cousin....and she's psyched!! She absolutely loves them, and she fancies Liam romantically. But, he's in a relationship with Danielle which only makes it harder. To make matters worse, Liam practically avoids her when possible. Then a curly-haired cutie steps in and falls for Savannah......HARD! Is there anyway she can ignore how hard her heart beats in her chest when she even thinks about Liam by a kiss from Harry?


5. HARRY!!!!!!!!!!

We decided to take a walk when we arrived at my house to see the sunset. 

"Um, okay but this isn't really the best neighborhood babes", I said. 

"So we'll protect ya girls", Louis said.  "Right Harry?"

"Umm yah we'll kick some ass Lou", he added and I was laughing.  When we walked for awhile we arrived at a park about three blocks north from my house, still not in the best neighborhood but I felt...protected. 

Then, Louis and El were getting all romantic and Harry and I were just sitting there.

He put his hand out towards mine, but I slowly moved mine away.  I wasn't ready for any sort of relationship. 

{Harry's POV}

I think she hates me.  This girl must fucking hate me obviously.  Or, she's playing hard to get.  And if she is, she's awfully good at it.  I try and reach for her hand, and then she gives me this....this discusted look as if she has something against me, yet she's smiling at me right now.  I don't know what to make out of all these mixed signals. 

:Savannah's POV:

"Hey Savannah, can I talk to you for a sec?", Harry said as we approached my flat. 

"Um yah I guess Harry", I said walking over by him.  What could he possibly want? 

"I've gotta....ask you something..", Harry said. 

"No shit Sherlock", I said. 

"Well i'm confused.  How do you feel about me Savannah?", he asked sticking his finger into his pockets and staring at the ground. 

"What do you mean Harry?", I asked. 

"I mean do you hate me, do you like me?  How do you feel about me?", he said using his deep raspy voice. 

"I like you Harry a lot, but I can't..do this to you.  I can't lead you on only to break your heart because I'm just not..ready for a relationship and I'm just not a good person to fall in love with Harry", I said. 

"Are you kidding me?  I'm not gonna force you to be mine or anything, but I want you..I need you", he said. 

"Harry, it's just I was always in love with Liam, but he's with Danielle and it's hard...just whiping him out of my mind but then you're amazing and everything".  When I said that, there was a loud noise commnig form a drunken men holding a gun entering my alley. 

"Shit", I wispered a little too loudly. 

Harry pushed me up against the wall, to protect me. 

"You don't happen to have Savannah with you do you?", he asked.

"Of course not", he said. 

"Well, i'm looking for her.  I thought she lived somewhere around here.  When I find her, i'm gonna kill that little slut", he said.  Shit I just realized it was what my estranged dad said. 

"She lives nowhere near here, and she's the nicest person i've ever met", Harry said. 

"Say that again?", he yelled pointing the gun towards Harry's chest. 

"She is the goddamned nicest and prettiest girl i've ever met", Harry said.  Next thing I knew, my dad fired a shot and Harry laid there unconcious, bleeding like crazy.  "HELP", I yelled. 

"Harry, please don't leave me!", I said shouting.  Seconds later, Louis and Eleanor rushed out of the front door.  I ripped off my shirt, and put a chunk of it on the place in Harry's chest where the blood was oozing out from. 

Then, everything went black. 



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