One Direction Images

One Direction Images. Send in your name the band member of your choice and what you want to happen. I'm still new so it might not be the best. Give me a couple days for me to write your story.


3. Jessica for Niall

You lay out on the beach next to your little sister. It felt great to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Your mom had surprised you with this trip. Halfway there your mom was called back to work so your family trip turned into a sister trip. Your phone buzzed. You pull it out to see that Niall had tweeted. 


At the beach with the lads. 

The picture showed a picture of the five of them standing on a familiar beach. "Hey Kate." You say showing your sister the picture. "Doesn't the beach look familiar?" "Duh." She said rolling her eyes. "See the beach house in the background. That's our beach house." "Really?" I said looking closely at the house. It was! "Do you think their our new neighbors?" You ask still studying the picture. Your sister shrugs. "I don't know why don't you go check." "Good idea." You say. "Meet you at the beach house." You hurry home. There was a huge crowd in front of the beach house next to yours. You walk over to one of the girls. "What's going on here?" "One Direction is spending the week at the beach in this beach house." She squealed. Your sister was right. You hurry up to your beach house and get changed. You look out the window as a car drives up their driveway. You watch as Harry Liam Zayn and Louis get in the car. That means that Niall was still at the beach house. You run downstairs and grab some of the cookie you made earlier. If you knew one thing that could win Niall over it was food. You walk out on to your joined porches to see Niall sitting on one of the chairs. "Hi." I call out weakly. Niall sits up, "Hey. I wondered when I would meet the neighbors." "I'm Jessica." You say. "Niall." He grinned. "I made you guys some cookies but the others just left so." "I'll try one." Niall said jumping out of his seat. You give him one. "These are amazing." He mummbled through the cookie. "Are they home made?" You nod shyly. "You got to give me the recipe." He said leading you inside his beach house to the kithen. "Ok." You say getting out the ingredients. You guys spend the rest of the afternoon cooking. By the time the boys got home you and Niall had made dozens. Munching cookies by the fire sitting on the beach. A perfect way to end a perfect day. You sigh and lean your head on Niall's shoulder. "You know." He whispered in your ear. "The only reason we rented out this beach house was so that I'd meet you?" You feel your cheeks go red. "How did you know which one was mine?" You ask. "I have my ways." He grinned. "One last question." You look you. "Are you busy tomorrow night?" You break out in a smile and nod. "Well then." Niall said helping you up. "I will see you tomorow." He walks you back to the beach house. His hand still holding yours. At the dorr he kisses you lightly on the cheek. "See you tomorrow Jessica." He said walking in his beach house. You smile and go up to bed. Tomorrow would be the start of a beautiful realionship with the man of your dreams Niall Horan.


Hope you like it Jessica :)

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