One Direction Images

One Direction Images. Send in your name the band member of your choice and what you want to happen. I'm still new so it might not be the best. Give me a couple days for me to write your story.


2. Abygail for Louis

You follow Sarah back stage. You were so excited you guys had won backstage passes to your favorite band, One Direction! "Come on Abygail." Sarah said her eyes alight with joy. "You just might get the talk to Louis." You blush. It's obvious that your a huge Louis fan. Half of the posters in your room are over him. "They're ready to meet you." The bodyguard said after checking our names.  He opened the door as you and Sarah walk in. "Hey." Harry grinned as you guys walked in. "Vas Happenin." Zayn muttered. "Where's Louis?" You blurt out. "A Louis fan, I guess." Harry said. "Big one." Sarah said before you could talk. You shoot her a death glance. "He Liam and Niall went to get us soon food." Zayn explained. "Hope you girls like Nandos." "Nandos is great." Sarah said. We sit on the couch. "So your sweet on Louis huh?" You look to see Zayn sitting next to you. You blush and nod. "Well good luck." He said. "We got Nandos." A voice cried. You look up to see Niall and Louis walk in. When you catch Louis eyes you can't help but look down. "I'm Louis." You look up to see Louis standing over you holding out his hand. "Abygail." You say shaking his hand. "You hungry?" "Yea." You mutter embarrassed. "Come on." Louis said grabbing your hand. "Let's go and eat somewhere less-." He points to Sarah and the rest of the band eating and being crazy. "I get it." You smile. He takes you up to the roof. "This view is amazing." He murmurs. "It helps me calm down." "It's beautiful." You whisper. "A lot like you." Louis whispers slipping a glance at you. "You think i'm beautiful?" You ask facing Louis. "Very." He smiled. He leaned forward slowly. Hesitantly you meet him in the middle. He smiles slightly as your lips meet. "Looks like Lou found a girlfriend." You jump back to see Sarah Zayn Liam Harry and Niall watching you two. "Looks like I do." Louis grinned putting his arm around you.


Hope you like it Abygail :)

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