Stay Strong

"Erin Natalie Smith. Such a normal name, yet it belongs to such an abnormal person."
"Shut up Niall, ad least I know how to drive. Your 16, shouldn't you have a licence by now?"
"Why would I need a licence if I have you to drive me everywhere?"

Erin and Niall are best friends, and have been since primary school. But their friendship is put to the test when Niall auditions for the X-Factor. Will he hold on to his past during his journey to fame, or will he cut all ties?

**Guys, this Fan Fic is written for my best friend erin_lovez_Niall.**


4. Girlfriends Needed For Louis And Zayn- Please Read ;D (Author's Note)

Author's note :3

Hey guys :) I know, I hate doing these stupid note things too, but I have good news!! Anyone who might want a part in the story, here is your chance!! I am currently looking for two people to be Louis and Zayn's girlfriends. Now keep in mind, since this story is going through Niall's journey and experience during the X- Factor,and Erin's view of the situation as well, you might not come into the story until a bit later on. I figured I might as well tell you now though....right? SO. If you wanna be either Louis or Zayn's girlfriend, then I need this information. 

1) Description. This means your hair color, eye color, skin color, and other things that describe your looks.

2) Personality. This means your hobbies, what you do for fun, and other things. It also includes whether your shy or out-going, and other things. Maybe your bubbly? Tell me! Or even if your struggling with other things, such as depression or an eating disorder, tell me. (Also, if you do need  to talk about something in that area, or if you just need to talk in general, then my twitter name is @vannabo0. you can DM me anytime you need to.) 

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