Stay Strong

"Erin Natalie Smith. Such a normal name, yet it belongs to such an abnormal person."
"Shut up Niall, ad least I know how to drive. Your 16, shouldn't you have a licence by now?"
"Why would I need a licence if I have you to drive me everywhere?"

Erin and Niall are best friends, and have been since primary school. But their friendship is put to the test when Niall auditions for the X-Factor. Will he hold on to his past during his journey to fame, or will he cut all ties?

**Guys, this Fan Fic is written for my best friend erin_lovez_Niall.**


10. draft


Katie's P.O.V.

Savannah and I planned the rest of the party, then decided to go to sleep. We woke up the next morning and got ready for school. "Red skinny jeans and my Minnie Mouse shirt, or purple skinny jeans with my Barney shirt?" I said looking at her. "Uummmm.... purple skinnies with barney." she said. 

I pulled on my clothes and started my make up. I did a thin cat eye, with the wings flaring up to make my eyes look more dramatic. Or...well, at least that's what the box it came in said. 

Savannah was wearing her neon green skinny jeans with her black Asking Alexandria band shirt, paired with black heels and neon green studs in her ears. 

"Well, someone's playing up their punk side today." I said while i looked at her outfit. She laughed and said whatever, and I slipped on my green flats. "Let's go." She said.

We pulled into the school's parking lot and got out of the car. I opened the trunk and grabbed my book bag.

we walked into the building and had our usual classes. I walked into first period and sat down, the teacher told us all to be quiet. She announced that we have a new student in our class, and made her get in front of everyone and introduce herself.

"My new friend senses are tingling." Savannah said, poking my shoulder. I shushed her, saying it's rude to speak when people are presenting. "She's not presenting. She's introducing herself." I shook my head. 

I could see the girl was nervous, she was playing with her fingers; knotting then between her hair, then taking them out and repeating the process. "So what's your name?" The teacher asked, looking at the girl. 

" name is Jasmin..." She said. Her hair was curly and black, and about medium in length. Her skin was tan, and she had big brown eyes. She had on a white knee length dress, with a thin brown leather belt around the middle and  leather flats in the same color. 

"And where are you from, Jasmin?" asked the teacher.


USA. Cool.

"And why did you move to Ireland, Jasmin?"

Why is the teacher being so damn mean?

"Because my Mom wanted a change in environment."

The teacher starred at her, then turned to the class.

"Does anyone have a question for Jasmin?"

I saw a girl on the other side of the class raise her hand.

"What do you do for fun?"

"welI, I dance. I like to play soccer. I crochet, too...and I sing." she finished.



Hey guyss!!

I am really really really really sorry for not updating in like 3 months. I've been super duper busy with softball >.<

anyway, i hope you like this crazy short chapter. 






so my wattpad name is vannab00

Its two zeroes because some other prick already has my username...

anyway the name of it is, "Fight For Me- A Harry Styles Story."

Yes, ladies, Harry Styles.

okay so anyway go read it. 



 <333 vannabo0

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